6. Day 27: 100 Reasons Why…. (part 2)

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6. Day 27:  100 Reasons Why…. (part 2)

Yesterday I shared my list of 100 Reasons Why What I Want Can Come To Me Easily, Fast & Harmoniously.  A list of 100 anything is impressive.  Mainly when we sit down to “make a list” our ego mind starts winding and wants to tell you this is too hard, there doesn’t need to be too many reasons (3 is enough), “STOP NOW! I’m bored”.  When you persevere with a list of 100, inevitably Holy Spirit and your heart gets a look in.  The day I wrote my list I wrote the first 25 easily and without effort, the next 25 took longer but I allowed them to flow as they needed.  The last half of the list was written from a different space.  I was in a deeper place where I actually knew that what I wanted can come to me easily and harmoniously.  From this space I could see not only that it was possible but that it had already happened.

I want to encourage you to write your own list.  You can tweak the title if you want. Maybe your list is “100 Reasons Why I Know I Am Love” or “100 Ways I Love Myself” or even “100 Reasons I Can Experience Peace & Joy All The Time”.  What we want is always what we have.  Always.  It just takes time to become aware of this.  We are so focussed on the story of what we want (the diagnosis, the betrayal, the difficulty) we forget to notice what it is we actually want.  I have been telling the story

Enjoy the garden in your heart.

Enjoy the garden in your heart.

of fear AS tiredness this month.  What I actually WANT is to experience joy, peace, energy and LIFE no matter what.  My list helped me tremendously to see that life IS already flowing through me at a glorious pace, creating and tending me with the greatest of delight.  I need but pause and notice this.  I can invite the Awareness to speak to me in any way I wish.  I wanted a LIST so that is what I got.

I have gone back to this list many times and marveled at the bounty that my list reminds me of.  When I am feeling low or tired, I get out my list and read just a few of the reasons why there is nothing wrong.  It cheers, moves and inspires me.  Enjoy my list but more importantly, make your own list.  I’d love to see other lists of 100 Reasons Why, please feel free to write your own and email me a copy.  Let me know if you would be ok with me sharing it on my blog (or not).  I think it would be great to have a bunch of lists of why what we want CAN come to us easily, fast and harmoniously.

Make Your Own List

Sit in a quiet place and take a few deep breaths.

Allow the stillness within you to make itself known.

Breathe again and exhale slowly.

Ask yourself: Why CAN what I want come to me easily, fast & harmoniously?


Write (on paper or computer) 100 reasons.

Keep going.

Extend love to your thoughts that come up to tell you a list of 100 is ridiculous, impossible and pointless.

Read and be amazed at your own list.

Share with another if desired (I would love to see it too.)

Breathe again deeply and give thanks for the time you spent with your heart.

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