6. Day 21: Coach Notes

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6. Day 21:  Coach Notes

One of the things I love is working with a coach.  The coaches I have worked with  have literally changed the course of my life.  Maybe it is better to say they have changed my experience of living, which has utterly changed the course of my life. Recently, in keeping with my blogging project and this month’s extending love to tiredness I brought this up in a recent coaching session.  A coaching session is kind of like having a Holy Spirit session with someone else taking notes. If I allow and welcome the process I receive rich reward.  If I resist, thwart and ignore the process I receive a measly crust and wonder why I am still hungry.

This time I welcomed the process and was surprised at the outcome.  I knew that my schedule is full to bursting and that it was making me tired, what I didn’t know is why I was doing this to myself?  After delving deeper than “what can I do about being so tired” I was asked a crucial question (coaches are really good at this) after I discovered my constant desire to give, give and give some more.  The question was this:  “How do you know when to stop?”  My answer:  when I am tired.

Oh my.  I measure when I have given/done enough with tiredness!  How do I now learn to use a different measuring stick?  Here is one I am trying on for size:  “I know I have given in truth when I am joyful and at peace.”  (Notice that I can be joyful and at peace even if I am tired but my experience of tired is utterly different.)  How am I going to give in truth?We devised a short series of questions for me to ask myself when I am about to give/take on/ commit to something new:

Why am I giving?

How does this giving connect me to peace and joy?

What can I do today to feel peace and joy?

What can I let go of today?

What is the real motivator for my giving?

What is the real reward for my giving?

What I have noticed so far is that the mere act of asking these questions forces me to pause and go within (where all the answers live, where my inner guidance can always be felt, where peace and joy remain whole and pure and present).  Can you use these questions to pause and go within?  What question is waiting patiently for you to ask it so the truth can be revealed?  Go ahead, ASK.


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