6. Day 19: Short-stack Of Love

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6. Day 19: Short-stack Of Love

Today I am feeling the tiredness I seek to extend love to.  Thank you.  It is quite real at this moment, I want only to curl up in a cosy corner and forget any and all that I need to do.  The truth is, in this very moment, I need do nothing. I can bask in the deep peace of my being and drink from the living water once again.  Today my heart is reminded by two poems I wrote six years ago that God is Love and Love is all I need.  True then.  True now.  That’s the beauty of eternal truth; true then, now and always.

“My All”

I thank my Father for His gifts

to me, they are multitudinous

To Him they are but one

Fruit of the spirit

Fruit of the spirit

all Love, all the time, for all

 It is I who must break

them down into bite-size pieces

of comfortable home, warm sweater

and hot latte`

He has given me His all

asking for nothing in return

until I am willing

and ready to give Him




“I Remember Now”

Let me remember

I am one with God


Cairns for peace

whole, happy and

unknowing of the

shattered pain I

have kept secretly inside

Let me remember

I am one with God

with no words or

hurts or losses

Let me remember

I am one with God

My brother is the one

I bow to in joy now

until I remember I am one with God

And yet, there is not until

in eternity there is only

now I remember

I am one with God


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    HS: “I am One with you!”

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