6. Day 18: What Is Your Energy Saying To You?

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6. Day 18:  What Is Your Energy Saying To You?

I have felt subdued with my revelation about the devaluing way that I see.  Crushed actually.  It was painful to have the bandaid of working hard (to the point of exhaustion) ripped off to see the false seeing exposed underneath.  I was moping when Holy Spirit’s voice came through in the bathroom (my favorite quick meditation getaway).

HS:  Devaluing is not actually changing value.  This cannot be done.  De-valuing is simply closing your eyes.  Open your eyes darling to what is directly in front of you and give thanks.

So what is directly in front of me.  My husband receives a daily inspirational email called “Quote Actions” (of course he would have an inspiration quote complete with an action!) and he sent me one that quoted Max DePree today, “The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality.  The last is to say thank you.” (The action is to thank someone for something specific they have done).  This really struck me.  I am creating a new reality.  My old

Practice becoming aware of what your energy is saying to you.

Practice becoming aware of what your energy is saying to you.

reality of de-valuing seeing is slowly being replaced with valuing seeing. Or, to put it another way, fear is being replace with the awareness of Love. The action of “thank you” is actually me saying thank you to Holy Spirit for opening my eyes no matter how they are fluttering in the light.  As I often do when I feel stuck I extend love in any and all flavors.  This time I extended love in the form of an Inquiry Card.  I chose:

“What would be perfect?”

I’ll tell you what would be perfect.  A feeling of peace and ease.  A feeling of accomplishment.  Light and trust.  Quiet. Lots of empty time. (Pardon me, my tiredness is showing.)  With this in mind, the truth of my desire to see and feel peace, ease, light and trust was revealed to me again.  In relief I turned to my dear friend Bartholmew and opened to this most wonderful quote:

“If you are not feeling totally alive, filled with peace, joy and love, you are in the presence of an energy that filters out the light.  These filters are past fear and future judgment toward another.  It is up to you to remove the filters for when you see the Light in them you will also see the light in yourself.”——-Planetary Brother, by Bartholomew p. 130

The next bit really hit home as a way to notice the devaluing when it is happening:

“1. Learn to read your energy with your intuition rather than with your mind.

2. The way to find out how you run your energy is to feel it. It is a part of your language “How do you feel about this?”

3. You can practice becoming aware of what your energy is saying to you.

4. Pay attention to what it tells you when you are in the presence of other people. You are not the sme person in each situation and it will become easy to read the difference.” —————-Planetary Brother, by Bartholomew p. 133

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