6. Day 15: Why I Love Mondays……

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6. Day 15:  Why I Love Mondays……

Would you believe that my revelation about me bringing the momentous, was, well, um…….momentous?!  I know I could use another word (amazing, perspective shifting, huge) but I might as well stick with what I know.  Here is the thing that is opening me up, I still tend toward the celebratory, the over the top and the colorful but as I spend more and more time with Holy Spirit I am beginning to sense the true Vastness of our being love.  And that really is momentous on an infinite scale.  I can see that rather than letting the moment be comfortable as it is in the vastness of love, I try to embellish it or “plump the pillows” as one friend puts it.  My old reaction to finding out I was the momentousness  that I was tired of would have brought me to a full wilting stop.  My newer response after a brief moment of wiltedness, was to be amazed at how Holy Spirit communicated this to me in a way I could really hear it. Because of my twelvemonth commitment to Self Love (both the experience and the recording of it in this blog)  I was able to receive the great gift of the new way of seeing.

The funny thing is, I actually am finding I do love this about myself.  The ability to share the sparkle, so to speak, of the Love that I am is wonderful.  What is even more wonderful is knowing that sparkle, just like love, comes in many flavors and colors.  There are infinite ways to sparkle.  I learned the other day that taking a nap is just such a way.

Love comes in all colors!

Love comes in all colors!

And so is a quiet, gentle shimmer rather than a boisterous free for all fireworks display.  No doubt I will experience a few hiccoughs along the way to feeling the balance in this energy of momentousness but what I love is that my growing experience of Vastness is allowing me to relax into truly listening to my heart for the very best expression of Love needed in the moment I am in.  I will still plump pillows and light candles and will certainly still send soppy, delicious texts but I will know I am doing this for the pure joy of it rather than thinking it is something that is expected of me or worse something I “should” do.  Pain, or tiredness, is only ever the moment I forget I AM Love.

It is Monday today, the traditional day we “love” to hate.  But I love Mondays.  Really, I always have. Monday is the one day I could lay my sparkle down and take care of business whether it was our actual business or the business of home keeping.  I love laundry, tidying and putting things right (happy to leave the actually cleaning to someone else of course) because it gives me a break from the vastness of my being.  And that is perfectly ok.  So, go out and enjoy this least momentous day of my week and plump a pillow or open a glass of something bubbly just because you want to.


  1. I love the fact you ” I will still plump pillows and light candles and will certainly still send soppy, delicious texts”. You are one of the first I love to share great news with because you are what I consider a “balcony” person. A person who will edify, build up, applaud and celebrate even the little victories and you can pick up, prop up and give a different paradigm when the victory doesn’t happen. God gave you that gift, don’t lose it or tone it down unless He tells you to 🙂

    • Dearest Deb, you really are the brightest light! Thank you for these comments. I think I am not to tone down as much as listen up, so to speak. I am going deeper into the desires of my heart, which have always been to love all, serve all but I am including serving myself finally in that loving unconditionally. Hope this makes some sense. The way people come to me to celebrate, they come to YOU to get things done. Let your God-light shine baby!!!

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