6. Day 13: The Deep Upwelling

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6. Day 13:  The Deep Upwelling

Yesterday I shared with you a practice by which you can feel the Holy Spirit within yourself.  I thought I might share my own experience today so you know whatever you feel is ok.  The first thing I felt this morning as I took time to feel into the Holy Spirit was my old friend resistance.  Ugh.  This is what resistance looks like for me:  thoughts, thoughts and more thoughts.  Some of the thoughts try to masquerade as useful or helpful like “What does it MEAN to feel the Holy Spirit?”,  “You can’t feel anything, let alone the Holy One!”, “What if I feel more than I WANT to feel? or get more than I bargained for?”, “What if feeling the Holy Spirit unleashes other sorts of feelings I absolutely do NOT want to feel?”  You get the picture.  Right now, these thoughts are the blocks to my awareness of Love’s Presence which at the moment I want to actually feel and experience, not just know about academically.  Just taking time to notice my thoughts and to welcome them in all their motley glory is extending love to my thoughts.

Holy Spirit, help me feel my well-being and wonder.  Help me notice, recognize and delight in this.  Thank you.

At this point what happens to me can only be described as a spaciousness pervading my being.  Even as I feel vaster, more open, I feel one and wholly together at the same time.  In this place of peace I can just sit and be, soaking in it or I can ask for guidance. No matter what, I feel restored, replenished and reminded of the Love that I am.  The more I do this the less real tiredness seems to me and when I do feel the feeling of tired, I feel it within the spaciousness of Love rather than on the outside looking in like a forlorn orphan hoping for a scrap of kindness.

I will finish with this delicious quote on feeling the Holy Spirit:

“Your physical body is a uniquely magnificent entity which can be used to experience the deep upwelling pleasure of feeling the presence of God’s Love.

When you begin to understand how important it is to feel life in your body, you will find ways to make it happen.”——Planetary Brother, by Bartholomew p. 123


  1. Your honesty and vulnerability make for some very powerful teaching.

    • Thanks, I am feeling a tad naked at the moment;) xoxo

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