5. Day 8: Go Difficult. Go Deep.

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5. Day 8:  Go Difficult. Go Deep.

I am so happy to be here this morning for a “normal” quiet time, in the morning dark, tea and willingness at hand.  I feel I have been stretched over the past months to include more of me–more time, more ways to feel connected, more ways to practice willingness (in letting go, EVERY DAY and extending love to fear of guilt, depression and commitment).  Thank you for this.  I have performed my first wedding ceremony, seen my first child graduate from university and celebrated the return from near death of my cousin’s child (now delightfully engaged as well).  We broke bread with friends from past Australian Army days in Quetta, Pakistan and I have somehow met you each and every day for the pleasure of expressing it all in writing.

Now I get to include something else.  I get to extend forgiveness to someone who I barely know but has gotten up my nose, so to speak.  How does extending love to the fear EVERY DAY come into play here?  How can I include both myself and my dread?

HS:  Precious One,

There is only ever One.  One means there is only ever the truth about you.  Then there are the many stores you tell about what you think the truth about you is.

You are love.  When you feel pain, lack, regret, dread, annoyance, overwhelm, stupid—you are simply forgetting the truth about you:  You Are Love.

Difficult is where the juicy is!

Difficult is where the juicy is!

All instances of grief, pain and annoyance are simply signals TO LOVE; to extend a quality of love, to ask for the awareness of love; to notice the pain and ask for guidance that Love may return into your awareness.

Fear not the difficult ones, they are the key to your salvation.  They are so difficult because they are reminding  you over and over, again and again, to love, to love NOW, love again, love NOW again, love yourself, love your neighbor, love this moment, love the pain, love this one in front of you.

Difficult is training you to love IN ALL CONDITIONS.  It is truly easy to love easy, effortless and joyful but to love and extend the qualities of love to difficult is where the juicy is.  It is where your certainty, confidence and courage lives.

If you want to go deep, extend love again, and again to difficult: people, circumstances, events, moments and thoughts.

Go difficult.  Go Deep.  Go Home.

Love leads you, loves you, delights in you and cares for you all the way home, where you always are.


  1. Precious one please know that my peace and love are with you in both the light and the dark. Move with grace and assurance knowing that I know your thoughts and prayers before you speak them into existence.

    • Thank you dear HSH (Howard Holy Spirit), you are so dear and precious. xoxo

  2. Yup, I guess that’s one way to learn to express Unconditional Love — practice, practice, practice!

    • We all need t-shirts that say “Love U” since we seem to be in Love’s ongoing University! 🙂

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