5. Day 5: What’s Love Got To Do With War?

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5. Day 5:  What’s Love Got To Do With War?

Yesterday was the 100th anniversary of the day Britain’s involvement in World War I began.  From this distance we are able to comment, commemorate, honor and remember all that each one experienced during that war.  I spoke yesterday of feeling somewhat overwhelmed at what felt like “once in a lifetime” experiences.  The Great War, WWI, was thought to be a once in a lifetime experience.  Yet this was not so.  We continue again and again to come to the brink in conflict as we wade through our consciousness into the light.  It is our collective fear of EVERY DAY that keeps us from taking this moment and allowing the full awareness of God’s Love; this beautiful, holy, kind nature that we all indeed share, and letting it fully transform our experience of both ourselves and one another.  This is a perfect time to share this beautiful passage from a favorite book.

The purpose of this planet is to Love. If you wish to understand how this works, take your ideas about war and look at it from the point of view of planetary Love. I know this is difficult, but you must understand: God’ delight is the extension of Love into ever-greater areas of consciousness. There has been a slow but steady expansion in the hearts and minds of mankind as you moved out to cover the globe and learned to love greater numbers of people.

The more people you can agree with and feel at ease and relaxed around, the more the tension between you dissipates. As you relax and soften around the seeming separations, you will be participating in the expansion of planetary love. When people of different cultures begin to interact they carry the potential for mutual understanding. When there is an attempt at understanding, then agreement is possible and love can arise.

Hearts can be moved under extremities such as war because both sides share the same basic fears and confusion. Therein likes the opportunity for love. There is a chance to drop the mental beliefs and respond to one another throughout the understanding of the heart, knowing another individual is facing the same fears you are. Such a recognition of similarities brings hope of an ending to hatred and conflict.

Frankly, was is not the maximum way to bring about this kind of understanding. I am by no means raising the flag of war, saying that God wants it so you can all have a chance to love. But I want to repeat something I have said:

God uses everything to bring you Home. Anything you create, God can use to reveal a quality of love than can unite this planet in a knowledge of Oneness.

No matter what drama or war is gong on in your thoughts, feelings, or actions, each moment can be used by the Divine within. You need to be willing to have it happen. Just ask!”—–Planetary Brother, Bartholomew p. 100

Ask yourself every day, where can I extend Love’s Presence to transform my thoughts, my day, my circumstances, this moment?

Extend peace, joy, tenderness, truth, well being, light.

Extend comfort, understanding, willingness, calm.

Extend quiet, kindness, presence, helpfulness.

Extend noticing, abiding, welcoming, invitation.

Love already includes everything, by extending love you are made freshly aware of this truth.

What quality of love will extend to yourself today?


  1. Shall I be good because of some reward, because the virtuous act pays dividends? No! I shall be good because it is “good”.

    • You shall be good because you ARE good. Amen & amen.

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