5. Day 27: What Do You Do When EVERY DAY Is A Sentence?

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5. Day 27:  What Do You Do When EVERY DAY Is A Sentence?

It would be so easy to glibly go about my daily walk, happy for the many revelations I have had and leave it there.  But what about when EVERY DAY is a sentence like with a diagnosis of a rare and vicious cancer, or a sudden terrible death or an actual prison sentence for crimes real or assumed?  What about the gifts of EVERY DAY then?  Do they exist? How do you find the gift of EVERY DAY when every day you are faced with the unfolding of a very real event that threatens your self or someone you love?  This kind of EVERY DAY feels the complete opposite of the joy of setting an EVERY DAY goal and then  extending love to the thoughts that might prevent me from following through with doing/being every day.  But is it really so different?

When I am faced with sudden, surprising, or horrible news whether it be an earthquake (like we had in nearby Napa Valley last Saturday) or a bill from the IRS or the possibility of losing someone dear to me I have the same choice.  I can pause and notice how I am feeling.  Am I tense?  Is my heart racing and the muscles on the back of my neck knotting up?  Am I overwhelmed with the feeling of impossibility of knowing peace in the moment?  No matter how awful or sudden or unexpected the event I can still decide to extend love to my thoughts, feel the peace of Holy Spirit

Is EVERY DAY a sentence?

Is EVERY DAY a sentence?

inside me, ask for guidance even if only for the next few moments.  I can ask for help, truth, comfort and assurance that God IS Love and I am love too and that no matter how dreadful, unbelievable, mind or heart shattering the event or thought is peace and love and strength is mine for the experiencing within my own heart.

How precious is a practice that is the same no matter what my circumstances.  I have always practiced the power of prayer and the trusting of God, who is and always was, and always will be LOVE but the dailiness of my practice of extending a quality of Love, the Love that is GOD, to my own very thoughts and feelings has brought me immeasurable peace and wonder.  All practices work if they work for you in all circumstances.

Know that nothing is outside the Love of God.

Just for a moment, think of something, anything really, that might be bothering you.  It could be the unexpected insurance bill, or the fact your winter pants were too tight when you got them out of the garage last weekend.  Or it could be that you or your dear one is continuing to face that nemesis cancer and you think you just can’t go on another minute, let alone EVERY DAY.  Know that nothing is outside the Love of God.  And we can experience the Love of God by extending one quality, flavor or color of that love in which we are connected to all the qualities of Love that is God.

What quality of Love will you extend today?  The willingness to extend a quality of love  is what puts you back into the awareness of the infinite qualities of the Love of God.

**for more on how to extend love to your thoughts click here


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