5. Day 26: Marvel, Mystery & Miracle

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5. Day 26:  Marvel, Mystery & Miracle

A funny thing happened on the way to extending love to the fear of EVERY DAY…..I have begun to accept the idea of EVERY DAY as just what is.  EVERY DAY is not special, separate, set aside or hallowed apart because it is happening all the time.  I have talked to many people about this every day quality of life that we shy from or are even afraid of. Here are some of the reasons I have noticed we all tend to agree as to why every-day-ness might get to us:

1. boredom

2. tired

3.  too busy

4.  the feeling someone is “making” me do this

5.  there are other things I want to think about

6. can’t afford something every day (think lattes or lunch out)

7.  I can’t decide what I like enough to do every day

8.  too hard

9.  forget

10.  don’t want to

Really, these reasons we use for not wanting to see EVERY DAY are the same reasons we use to block our awareness of Love in anything and everything.  By extending love to EVERY DAY, I have simply melted some of the blocks to Love’s presence.  My fears, reasons, plans, busyness that I was looking at before told me that walking EVERY DAY

A Shift In Perspective

A Shift In Perspective

was impossible with my schedule, would hurt my hip, wouldn’t be fun, would be tiring, and wouldn’t be worth it anyway.  Thank goodness I had already made my commitment to extend love to EVERY DAY.  By walking every day I have been “forced” to notice the truth that everything I needed for my commitment to walking fell into place very easily and with practically no effort on my part.  I would like to say I worked hard and finally succeeded by force but the truth is I just had some inner guidance and followed it and everything I needed flowed to me because my perspective had shifted and this was the way I was seeing.  This is not to say I don’t feel tiredness on some days or have to walk at 5am or on a shorter path on busy days, or that I don’t sometimes think “wouldn’t it be nice not to get out of my pajamas today?”.  But because of my extending love practice I extend patience, quiet, readiness, welcome and trust I walked daily long enough to realize I really do like doing it.

Next time you think EVERY DAY is calling you, why don’t you take a few minutes and extend a quality of love to anything that might come up and stand in the way of you seeing the glory of EVERY DAY.

EVERY DAY………….the sun comes up; I breathe in an out, I love, I am loved, I work & play, I see beauty and hilariousness in the world, I am a holy witness to pain, grief, wonder and delight, coming and going, winning and losing, marvel, mystery and miracle………..EVERY DAY.



  1. Well this makes it 3 in a row! Holy Spirit has been saying “perspective” to me for the past several months….that’s it…”perspective”….that’s how Holy Spirit rolls in my life…cryptic words that unfold their meanings over time…Since then there has been much “unfolding” in this area including a lot of references from other people exploring “perspective”….it truly must either be in the air or water…

    And like you, my new perspective has completely changed my experience of life…it’s becoming my “love life”…

    Here’s to seeing life through our new “heart” eyes…and thanks for sharing your “perspective pup”….dogs are wonderful teachers of the joyful exuberance we can experience while “enjoying the ride”….

    • I have always loved the prayer “Open the eyes of my heart”, amen and amen! xoxo

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