5. Day 25: Tiredness Is A Tunnel To The Truth

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5. Day 25:  Tiredness Is A Tunnel To The Truth

I am continuing my conversation with Holy Spirit about rest and tiredness (an EVERY DAY companion I am beginning to no longer need?)…………………..

Me:  How do I keep “going off the rails” so to speak in my awareness and shift to only being aware of tiredness, or pain or doubt?

HS:    Sweet Angel,  this is simply your way of deepening your awareness and appreciation for your awareness of your heart’s truth.  You need not chastise yourself for being tired, tiredness is designed to remind you rest is always available.  Tiredness but points the way so you can pause and remember you are already resting in your wholeness, you can’t do anything else.

Me:  Am I afraid of rest???

As I begin to ponder this I spied a book on my shelf I have never read and barely remember buying:  “The Spontaneous Healing of Belief” by Gregg Braden.  I wonder if I can heal this “tired-all-the-time” thought?

Is it possible that because I believe in tired that the universe makes it so???

I thought (!) tiredness was real, a real state due to……………..what?  Overwork?  Overdoing?  Overwhelming? Over thinking?  Over performing?  (noticing lots of OVER-age)

Am I ready to feel and be energized in a real way??

As far as I can remember I have always had this companion of tired.  Always.

Even though I have come to see it as gift and benefit———————-is there something beyond or deeper? Tiredness does not have to be the reality of my being here?





  1. I think we need to remember that our bodies need rest, our brains need the “reboot” process but there is a difference between needing rest and the tiredness you seem to address here. I believe the distinction is important.

    • I completely agree Deb, and I think I am in the process of really taking in that difference. More to come from HS, I am sure. xo

  2. Amen, Sister Eva, yet another life theme that I am currently reviewing as well…twins separated at birth?

    Recently I became aware that
    1) All that “doing” and “efforting” instead of “resting”, as described by your Holy Spirit interchange yesterday, is bone weary exhausting….

    2) Tired World is where my mental mind hangs out, especially because it’s ALWAYS ON! …just recently recognizing that it’s often a mental mind feeling of tiredness that I automatically “believe” without questioning. This prevents me from participating in activities that truly nourish and support me because of not identifying the tiredness as “mental”…

    3) As I redistribute my energy into “rest” as Holy Spirit described to you yesterday, I know I will become less exhausted, knowing the tiredness is a spiritual redirection tool. And as I become more proactive within my relationship with my mental mind that only presents couch-potato options as its idea of “rest”, I know I will experience the TRUE rest that I AM…and then I will be asking, “what tiredness?”

    Thanks for writing about this topic today Eva, it really helped me gain clarity through responding to your post….thank you for this gift of clarity and understanding…

    • Wow Sally! We really are twins separated at birth. I love how you described “tired world” and the “couch potato options of rest”. I feel we have hit a rich vein of gold in our desire to be awakened to Love’s ever presence. So glad we are on the journey together. Hold on tight (or let go, lol!) for I have a feeling this theme is going to show up next month big time;)

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