5. Day 24: Permission To Rest

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5. Day 24:  Permission To Rest

This morning I asked Holy Spirit what I needed right now.  I surprised myself with needing *permission* to rest!

HS:  Dearest One,

Resting is simply a way of living; not a place or space of doing nothing.  It can be doing nothing but resting is an active form of ongoing trust.

Rest is a resting-in-the-wholeness-of-your-being.

Fear not your view of rest as something beyond or outside or after doing.  

Rest is peace.  

Rest is residing and abiding in peace.  

Rest is taking notice of this natural abiding.  

Rest is letting go of all you think you must have/be in order to rest.  Nothing has to “happen” in order for you to rest.

Resting is an active form of ongoing trust.

Rest in the truth of who you are.

Rest in the joy of who you are.

Rest in the knowledge of who you are.

Rest in the awareness of who you are.

Me:  Who am I?

HS:  Dearest one, you are you.  You needn’t know more, you being you is completely enough.  Abide in your own heart and awareness.  The abiding will tell you all you think you need to know.



  1. I LOVE this Eva! And so timely for me….last week I was having a “crappy” birthday instead of a “happy” birthday. Can laugh about it now and feel the playful energy of “crappy birthday”. Not the case when it was happening though!

    As the day progressed and more situations arose that triggered emotional responses, I continued spiraling down into the “feeling sorry for myself” vortex, sucking me deeper into the churning emotional sea within me. I finally broke down, lamenting to Holy Spirit how hard I had been trying and how much effort I had been exerting…and this is what I get?…

    Holy Spirit gently replied, “you know you haven’t been asked to try and effort, but to rest”. I knew how true this was, clearly recognizing my lack of trust and faith in “resting” keeps me on the hamster wheel of efforting and trying…Holy Spirit’s sharing of wisdom with you on “rest” gives me an even greater awareness of this seemingly foreign concept….

    Much love and gratitude to you Eva….

    • “Crappy Birthday to you, Crappy Birthday to you, Crappy Birthday to YOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUU, Crappy Birthday to YOU”!!! Don’t you love it when HS gives you exactly what you desired deep in your heart, wrapped in CRAPPY gift wrap?!! xoxo

      • It warmed my heart to hear you sing “crappy birthday” to me….yes, HS gifts DO come in ALL shapes and sizes…some with pretty wrapping and some with not…some I want to unwrap, some I want to return unable to see in the moment the priceless gifts they are!

        • I think we will discover that it is ALL (war, humidity, innocence, forgetfulness, death, revelation, surprise, joy) a gift from HS, no matter what is happening. xoxo

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