5. Day 21: Split Ends Leads To Frizzy Thinking

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5. Day 21:  Split Ends Leads To Frizzy Thinking

I am determined to be with the pain of a conflict I experienced recently  (rather than stuff it down or ignore it) because of my split thinking and I continue the conversation from yesterday with Holy Spirit about my thinking below.

HS:  Awareness releases you into this larger BEING which allows expansion and extending, the truth of who, where and what you are, therefore, releasing tension.  This is a purposeful process. If you want to feel more peace during all experiencing, then allow yourself to truly notice all that you are feeling/seeing/knowing/not knowing.

Notice your thoughts:

I feel trapped / AND I notice this question splits my awareness in two

I don’t want to hurt/ AND I am hurting already

I hate to feel this/ AND I am feeling this

Me:  But how do I heal the split ends (so to speak) of my thinking?

HS:  The very act of asking for full awareness brings back the desire for full awareness.  This is when you can ask for guidance, peace etc.  You did this.  Your guidance led you onto the path of greater peace, greater joy and greater healing. Acknowledge this and be free of regret and self blame and projection.

Dear One, keep up your practice of extending the love that you are.  

Keep writing.  

Keep walking.

Keep laughing.  

Keep trusting.  

Keep Love in your awareness.  

Keep sharing your voice.  

Keep extending love to any and all fears in any quality and form it shows up in.

Oh I get it!  Keeping on is another word for EVERY DAY.




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