5. Day 20: Honesty Is The Hot Seat

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5. Day 20:  Honesty Is The Hot Seat

I have a bone to pick with honesty.  Though it is lauded as a very helpful quality it completely alludes me as an avenue of peace.  At least in the short term.  I had an incident happen recently where I was asked a very simple question which immediately split me into two thoughts:  1)  what I want to do & 2)  what I think I should do.  My dishonest answer was inevitable because I was seeing with double vision, which is worse than total blindness, as with double vision you actually think you can see twice as good.  This ended with hurting the very person I wished to NOT hurt in any way. Dishonestly is like that.  Ugh.  This is really where the conflict is, within me.

Me:  Please tell me about what this conflict is, how it serves and how can I trust my inner guidance when I am worried about hurting (or the possibility of hurting) another.  Thank you.

HS:  Precious One,

Let us sit quietly together and know everything can only work together for Good for Good is what

Robert Arnison heads at UC Davis

Talking to myself…..

is participating.

What you call “bad” is just a limited view of good.

What you call difficult is just a limited view of easy.

What you call hate is a very limited view of love.

These are not separate things.

The reason you know when ego is present is that you tense your experiencing valve so to speak, therefore not letting full awareness flow.  This is why when ever you are uncomfortable, in pain, heartache or feeling lost if you allow yourself to breathe, focussing on space or color allows you to reintroduce awareness into your experience.  It is your awareness that appears to wax and wane through you.  The Experiencer never leaves your experience, you can’t, it is what you are doing/feeling/thinking/seeing.

Whenever you are uncomfortable or in pain, heartache or feeling lost:

Allow yourself to breathe.

Focus on your breath, a vast space or a color.

This allows you to reintroduce awareness into your experience.


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