5. Day 17: EVERY DAY & The Rapture

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5. Day 17:  EVERY DAY & The Rapture

I am waking up to realize walking EVERY DAY is blossoming joy and willingness to include my sweetheart’s GodSelf in my Holy Spirit walk and awareness.  I am loving our daily walks together.  Thank you for this surprise bonus of EVERY DAY to get to spend uninterrupted time with my beloved husband side by side, walking in the same direction at the same time.  I didn’t see that I have somewhat tried to keep my holy self sequestered from others as I have strengthened my awareness of this tender and powerful relationship I can have with my own heart.  My morning quiet time alone was sacrosanct to me and was recognized as such by my family.  What I am learning is that I can feel that same depth of holy relationship while literally walking in the world with another.  This is a huge realization.  I have been blessed with a rather incredible husband whose earthly self is so beautiful that I had little need of seeing in him his GodSelf.  Of course it is one and the same but I have always maintained a measure of awe and even worship of this multitalented man and had little need to see my own holiness as I kept my eyes fixed on his.  I don’t know why it seems note worthy that I can feel my own holiness while being with my beloved but it is.

I asked Holy Spirit how can I nurture this willingness to feel our Oneness?

Walking together as One.

Walking together as One.

HS:  Continue walking every day in willingness to feel your joined nature of Love.  Feel not the necessity of judgment to keep each role  in place, you are both at a peak of willingness to express this joining. Let it unfold gently, without force of any kind.  The joy of your heart awaits your arrival of full awareness.

The Rapture is the Fullness of Joy’s Awakening in all simultaneously.  All that is thrown off is that gossamer veil of doubt and fear that this ever present joy is not enough.  Fear not being left behind for this is not possible.  All thoughts, all beings, are resurrected from the slumber as One.  Nothing can be left out.

Fear will be unmasked.  Doubt will be crowned a hero.  Hatred will set down it’s disguise of intensity.

All things rejoice in this beauty, divinity and this joining in joy; that has been foretold in your very cells.

God is your Rapturous Delight.  Feel this divine truth within you now.

Amen & Selah.

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