5. Day 16: East Meet West

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5. Day 16:  East Meet West

Every Day it seems we can choose to see disharmony and war or feel the pull of our Oneness.  This morning I asked the Holy Spirit if there is a movement, longing and yearning  in the East for the West as there seems to be in the West for the East?

HS:  Precious One,

The longing is ever present.  It is the deep and infinite Love that can never be broken off from itself. It is the generational yearning for the dear pleasure of Presence in all things.  The universe does not need to disappear in any but a symbolic gesture.  Love and preciousness and longing for the Wholeness of Self is present in all things, in all situations, in all space, time and matter both sub atomic and extra terrestrial.

God cannot abandon creation; creation cannot abandon God.

This Love cannot deny itSelf, cannot deny its perfection, its beauty, its strength.  The qualities of this Love are ever present and mutually inclusive.  This loyalty is driven by the Essence of Divine

East and West are One.

East and West are One.

Nature–God cannot abandon creation; creation cannot abandon God.  All is wellspring with the Divine.  Fear not any quality of the divine moment you do not feel included in.  This Divine is stretching and yearning in a mutually inclusive power of Self.  Fear not the chatter, worry or the pain; these are merely the bedclothes being tossed aside in the awakening to the desire inherent in God’s Whole Heart.

You, Precious One, may delight in all right now, bless it, extend love in any and all qualities you wish to explore.  I am with you in all things.  Fear not the parts of you who wish to sleep a while longer. All waken together as One.  Fear not the mesmerizing state of the unknown breath of dawn.  The time is here, now, and forever present.

Delight thyself also in your self for you too are my own delight.  Thank you Precious One for your bold willingness to share the truth of who you are.  You are not and have never been alone.  Thank you and I love you.


  1. wow it like parts of me im not aware of resonate with this my mind its self is rebellious i makes me want to laugh and cry :)i wonder what this means. thanks to you

    • I think our willingness to laugh AND cry must be the leading edge of the awareness of our nature of wholeness. Thanks for you comment and thanks for reading! xo

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