5. Day 14: Open Your Eyes In The Middle Of The Pain

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5. Day 14: Open Your Eyes In The Middle Of The Pain

We split everything, thinking it could be separated–was separated–but it is just different ways of seeing.  Or rather seeing and eyes closed.  When we are willing to open our eyes, to anything, in truth, in THIS moment, the blessings are immediate and transformational.  I saw a friend yesterday who is going through something unimaginably difficult. Yet she looked more alive, solid and clear than I have seen her for a long time.  A wrenching situation can bring the gift of clarity and awareness if you are willing to open your eyes in the middle of the pain.  This got me to wondering how I might need to open my eyes a bit wider to see what EVERY DAY has to offer.

Me:  HS, please share what I need to see or open up to in EVERY DAY and walking.  Thanks.

HS:  Precious One,  good morning and welcome to this day.  This is a day of rejoicing and laying claim to the truth of your ever present delight , the desires of your heart are gifts of dearest awakening–no need to judge them, categorize them or devalue them in order to understand.

Godliness is already present in each one.

Godliness is already present in each one.

The understanding of the desires of your heart comes in the expressing, allowing and welcoming them.  Following them. Opening up to the desires of your heart gives you all the space and time you need for happiness.

Me:  A desire of my heart is to have the feeling of fluid communication, not just words dashed off in type or voice to try to express quickly.  I am tired of what feels like an attempt of a drive by shooting standing in for real, joined communication with my brothers.

HS:  Notice what is actually asked for in each moment.  Be gentle in welcoming each question and be willing in offering the brief answer, if this is what is asked for.  Be tenderly aware each brother is truly doing the best, the most they can.  It is not your job to hurry another along in their awakening.  In truth each one’s Spirit, your own included, are fully awakened, powerfully present in all things and flowing unhindered.  Be not impatient with godliness, wherever it is, it is always enough.  Trust in the godliness present in each one.




  1. HS: Precious one please know that I am with you always. Your growth occurs when you learn to trust Me in every situation. Remember there are two days of every week that you cannot do anything about…yesterday and tomorrow; therefore, you must live today to its fullest knowing that I love you unconditionally.

    • Dearest Howard, your heart is such a precious gift. Thank you and thank you. xoxoxo

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