5. Day 12: The Body Grateful

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5. Day 12:  The Body Grateful

My  walking every day is nearly effortless.  I am just “doing” it.  It is benefitting me in so many ways which I very grateful for……..yet, I find myself noticing that I am missing the longer quiet time I had to start the day.  I get “less” of this time and I can tell.  I will admit what I feel is not “bad” just different and I am not quite sure how I feel about it all.

Me:  Holy Spirit, please clarify this for me, what do I need to see differently?  Thank you.

HS:  Fear not the loss of any of what you desire.  Your desire is simply broadening and widening to include more and more of your daily life.  Your desire is for experiential holiness;  allow this to dawn gently and completely in each moment.  The holiness is already present and you are seeking to broaden your awareness of this.

When you feel a pang of wishing your day or the moment in front of you is different in any way, pause and take a deep breath and say and remember “My holiness is right here, right now.  Thank you.” In this way you reconnect to your awareness that, indeed, each moment is already holy and you need but open your eyes.
I hold you in the palm of my hand.

I hold you in the palm of my hand.

The quiet time you seek is inhabiting your loving nature fully and allowing the mind rest.  This can happen in many ways at any time.

Be assured I will speak to and through you and will find a way; keep practicing your willingness to EVERY DAY, keep walking a mile or more every day, keep being gently aware of your body grateful every day.  Notice and feel the vibration level in your cells has already increased.  You need not be extreme to experience this.  A small and gentle DAILY exercise with great awareness will multiply your efforts exponentially.

Give yourself a few minutes before you walk to simply clear your mind and breath.  Welcome yours cells into full cooperation  with you; bless your body at all levels (organs, systems, cellular activity, subatomic phenomenon).  Bless the joyous miracle of the body; it is your vehicle of choice in this world and has much to teach you of love and miracles.

Thank you for your willingness to walk in deep awareness every day.  Relish and enjoy this walking blessing meditation as both my gift to you and your gift to yourself; it is one and the same.


  1. To be fit physically, emotionally, and spiritually brings you into a true relationship with the Holy One.

    • You know Howard, this is so true. I honestly never saw my body as part of the triumvirate but of course it is. Thank you for walking with me in this journey of Love. xoxo

  2. Love it! I posted the pink box quote on facebook to share.
    Love and hugs to you EVERY DAY!

    • Wow! Thanks for sharing Jill, I truly appreciate it. Love and hugs to you this busy month of moving prep! xoxo

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