5. Day 11: Mary Magdalene Within

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5. Day 11:  Mary Magdalene Within

I am glorying in the book “Mary Magdalene Within” a beautiful voice who is the spirit of Mary Magdalene  speaking from within the writer, Joan Norton .  It is less important whether or not you can wrap you mind around this idea that a voice from the heart of another from long ago can speak again today.  Instead, wrap your heart around this incredibly beautiful teaching and just let it caress you tenderly.  You need not think about it at all.


Here are just a few gems I must share:

“Enlightenment had been taught as individual and [Jesus’] offering to the world was that it can spread. Enlightenment is LIGHT, it is LOVE, and it is GIVABLE.“—-Mary Magdalene Within p. 57

“Revere the body, for it is soul’s form here, God’s FORM here.”—-Mary Magdalene Within p. 61

Self-love is knowing the God within. Forgetting the holiness inside self causes self loathing.”—-Mary Magdalene Within p. 65

“Judgment causes Earth’s sadness. The female aspect and feminine vibration of God is wisdom Herself upon the Earth in potential. Wisdom will not include judgment of others.“—Mary Magdalene Within p. 66

And this beauty speaks to the maintenance of self in EVERY DAY:

“The beauty of the body, of God’s intelligence who creates the body, could not exist without the desire to maintain itself, to stay alive through it all.”—Mary Magdalene Within p. 71


  1. Thanks Eva, this book is definitely speaking to me as well…just ordered my copy after reading your post….much gratitude!

    • It is a powerful, beautiful read. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts when you read it! xoxo

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