4. Day 9: Let Go Of Your Unwillingness

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4. Day 9:  Let Go Of Your Unwillingness

Thank you for this letting go practice (in my twelvemonth of self love).  I really needed it this month. There have been so many epic events one right after another that without letting go each and every day I would have completely expired.  Focussing on letting go right now is giving me the experience of really being in the moment.  Since I keep letting go thoughts, plans, memories, should’s etc I am feeling the power of NOW. Strangely it seems both a big deal and not a big deal.  Epic and mundane.  Amazing and ordinary.  I feel like it all already happened.

I asked Holy Spirit for a message for this time of moving on (in graduation especially) and this is the passage I was given:

“Let me tell you a secret that will make your journey along this path simpler and more joyful.  The secret is this:  as you travel this path you will have only two experiences (It may seem like many but it is only two.) One experience will speed you along your journey in joy.  The other will delay you journey a little while.  The secret to a simple and joyful journey is to learn to discern between these two experiences and then always choose the joyful one.”—NTI Luke 12 p. 153

HS: Fear (hesitation, overwhelm, exhaustion, annoyance) is an unwillingness for joy.

Let go of your unwillingness and you will discover only JOY.

(more on joy tomorrow…….)

**today I let go of my chagrin of having my unwillingness for joy exposed (yikes!)


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