4. Day 7: Self Takes Care Of Self

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4. Day 7:  Self Takes Care Of Self

With so many lovely visitors I am having a hard time getting my eating right.  Too much or too little at all the wrong times.  I end up eating just to give myself a bit of slow down time and then end up too slowed down. Ugh.  I feel the results of stress but am only in the middle of happy things, can that be stressful too?  What can I do?

HS:  Let go of a meal today.

Me:  Good idea.  I will go against habit and skip my smoothie for breakfast.  How else can I eat more whole food and deal with the stress of such a busy time?

HS:  Dearest One,

Thank you for asking and for taking time to sink into listening.  Take a deep breath, and another; once more….

Notice how your body eases imperceptibly when you pause and take several deep breaths. Feel the space created between your cells and thoughts.  This is where you remember the truth about you:

You are whole. You have everything you need. You are holy.

You are whole.  You have everything you need.  You are holy.

Your trip was a microcosm of thought production with little time for the awareness of the holiness that is fully present.  You did pause and notice with my friend Shakespeare and with the natural beauty of the lake.  What you sometimes fail to notice is that each moment is full of enough.  The logistics take care of themselves.  The joys and sorrow take care of themselves.  Your guests take care of themselves.

Self takes care of Self.

Self takes care of Self.

Self takes care of Self.

Keep dipping your toe into this ever present truth. Notice you found the food each one enjoyed in the most unlikely of places.

Me:  I know, thank you so much for this.  At 10pm with six people including a vegan, a weight watcher and someone who doesn’t really care for food, to find perfect selections at a truck stop is truly miraculous.  I am noticing that I worry on “everyone getting the right food” a lot.  What do I do with this?

Be open to new ways to love your body even in the midst of a full schedule.

HS:  Dearest One, extend much innocence to this thought.  Think of food in terms of nourishment rather than finding what one likes.  What the body desires is to be loved, nourished, rested and moved.  Trust that the body will get exactly what it needs in any given moment.  Trust also in the body’s discomfort and listen for messages to ease the discomfort. You are the one that can nourish and heal you body.  Ask for all your body needs and desires and it will be done.  Be open to new ways to love your body even in the midst of a full schedule.  Especially in the midst of a full schedule.

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  1. I’m on board with this helpful advice!
    Thanks, HS!

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