4. Day 22 & Day 23: 21 Years True

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4. Day 22 & Day 23:  21 Years True

The sharing of this letting go required two days worth to include both Australian and American sides of the story.  Well, actually, it has required 21 years (and counting).  Today is my youngest daughter’s 21st birthday.  It is cause for celebration, shopping, laughing, candles, champagne………..and reflection.  I am beginning to realize the gift of letting go is most often in the reflection of all that has come before the seeming “moment” of letting go.  In this case my daughter’s arrival began in the middle of the night in Brisbane, Australia with a quick call to friends to “Can you come over NOW for big sister?!”  The welcoming of a new life into the world is like nothing else.  You don’t even have to be the one giving birth to know the act of creation that is birth is astounding, heart opening and devastating all at the same way.  It changes everything, yet returns your awareness to what has always been true.  Love is life is truth is joy is perfection.

I got this Mom!

I got this Mom!

The letting go practice begins immediately as you learn to let go of sleep, time, understanding and your heart completely.  The arrival of our first child rocked our world.  The arrival of our second child gave us that infinitely beautiful math lesson that love always, ALWAYS, multiplies by vastness and leaves all glowing with the joy and pride of witnessing the miracle of together and the truth of the more the merrier.

The letting go practice that is loving a child continues as they learn their first words, take their first steps and experience their first pains.  Whether it is falling down or eating a pine cone, seeing your child in pain is an impossible dilemma.  Letting go of thinking you can keep them from feeling pain is a practice that, so far, has taken about, um……. 21 years.  I will let you know if it ever ends.

Letting your child GO into their power, heart guidance and their own personal path into the greater unknown is akin witnessing a splitting of an atom.  The glory and delight that is slowly unleashed is like watching the first rain drops beginning to fall after a drought.  You bask in each and every drop and let it run down your face, all the while grinning upwards and thanking the heavens.

Yeah, I'm that good.

Yeah, I’m that good.

Letting go, for me, is never easy but always worth it.  Seeing life expand into its greatness is the purest ache of infinite joy.  My gratitude knows no bounds for the gift of my own two daughters.  No matter if you have children of your own or your delight is in a niece or nephew or that feisty young man who mows your lawn, you know the joys of loving a child who grows up and goes on to live without you by her side every moment.  This slowly ceases to feel wrenching as I learn the power of living in our One Heart that we share.  Join me in wishing my daughter the Happiest of Birthdays in this, the first day of her 21st year.  And why don’t you extend a little love to all the 21 year olds you know.  Give them a hug, send them a card or just invite them over for dinner to remind them that they will always be the apple of your eye, even though you have let go of leading their parade.  Let them know how proud you are of wherever they are right now.  Come to think of it, this is exactly what the Holy Spirit does, all the time.



  1. I had a major lesson in letting go when after 20 years of raising a daughter, my kid came out as transgender. Now 33 years old, my son is and continues to be a most awesome and lovable person. Letting go of gender roles and expectations was quite a surprise, not anything a parent is prepared for. Spirit does miraculous things through our lives, and when we go with the flow, letting go of the resistance to what is — WOW! Love flows easily with the “all things made new”!

    • Oh I love knowing this Jill! Loving what IS really opens the door to treasures unimagined. Love you! xo

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