4. Day 18: The Opposite Of Letting Go

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4. Day 18:  The Opposite Of Letting Go

I have noticed how hard it is for our family to leave the house.  It is a never ending, staggering, ridiculous parade of almost getting into the car but not quite that can take upwards of 20 minutes (more if we are going farther than the state border).  It is like escaping the pull of gravity and feels like the very opposite of let go.  It is almost comical but frequently annoying.  What gives?  How can I feel peace about this?


HS:  Now is not fleeting.  It is All.

Now is vast holiness, ever present and mindful, complete acceptance and welcome.

Now is no-time.  Wordless joy of being.

Here is the only place I AM.  There is here too.

Now is my natural home.

I AM here now.

Me:  Thank you Holy Spirit.  I feel more “here now” but still feel the gravitational pull of resistance in the guise of bloody minded annoyance.  Time for a poetry break……..

“Holy Hell”

The tantric tantrum will pass...

The tantric tantrum will pass…

I greet my resistance

with incense and stillness

allowing and welcoming the churlish certainty

that I do not want to be here right now

the tantric tantrum will pass

and I will be left with the ever present

stillness, wholeness, truth, beauty

strength, willingness, calm, delight

endearment, empowerment, embodiment

of Love

as it dawns, nestles and returns

to my awareness



  1. Great poetry!

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