4. Day 16: Your Joint Purpose Will Be Served

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4. Day 16:  Your Joint Purpose Will Be Served

We celebrate another momentous occasion this day.  My daughter’s beloved is being commissioned as a 2nd LT in the Air Force.  We are so proud of this accomplishment.  A self determination to serve this country vowed silently to his young self on that September 11th; such a beautiful following of his inner guidance.  Letting go today of the undergrad years, the doubts, the worries of getting a slot for field training.  Today we also need to complete my daughter’s move and get to the Capitol in time to witness the miracle of service in the commissioning of these young men and women.

I asked what can I let go of today?

HS:  Let go of the thought; “how best to use today?”  Let your day flow and unfold gently in its own way.  You joint purpose will be served.

Then this beautiful thought floated to the surface of my awareness:

“You are only ever as happy as your current level of gratitude.”

This led to four pages of personal gratitudes and a much needed feeling of ease and willingness to let both the tears of joy and the ache of the passage of time go with equal grace.

**Today I let go of a better parking place, a lot of sweat, the worry of eating deep dish pizza at 9pm at night.

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