4. Day 15: Are You Getting Great Cell Service?

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4. Day 15:  Are You Getting Great Cell Service?

Today is a big day of let down, letting go and giving thanks.  This passage really opened my eyes to letting go of ignoring my body and instead, on purpose, extend love to my body:

“Cells are not the thinking part of this body mind union.  They are receptive and their function is to await the directive of the mind.  What you give as a directive is what the cells will pay attention to.  Every moment of your life you have the opportunity to bathe you own cellular structure with gratitude, love and appreciation.”   ————–“Journeys With A Brother:  Japan to India” by Bartholomew and the Dalai Lama

This got me to noticing what message I am sending to my cells now:  “I am tired”, “I don’t have everything I need (rest, exersize, water), “Body?  What body?”.  I realize that one of the things that I must let go of starting right now is ignoring my body.  If plants thrive with messages of love and good music, what can I do right now to let my body know it has my loving attention?  I decided to write my cells a letter.  I wrote it and then read it out loud to myself.  You might try doing something like this, your cells (and heart and hands and bones and dying to hear more that groans from you).


Dearest Cells of My Magnificent Body,

Let your cells feel the Love!

Let your cells feel the Love!

Than you for the incredible job you perform daily, moment by moment on my behalf.  Thank you for your resistance, strength and light.  Thank you for your health, power and joyfulness in a job well done.  Let us work together for optimal health and well being.  I will listen and give you what you desire.  Continue to speak to me and help me hear and understand what you need and desire.

Thank you for you  clarity, bounce-back-ability, and your willingness to process and let go of the fat I have stored against possible want.  I am ready, in fact already letting go of the guilt stores.  Thank you fat, for you sense of protection, than you for the heft and desire to keep me balanced.

Go in peace and joy.

I am ready for us all to shine and glow together.

Thank you.

Yours truly,


**Today I let go of the fear of clicking “yes” to deleting the photos on my phone upon syncing.  I have never really know if this means I am deleting them from the computer or the phone.  I let go of the fear of deleting graduation and wedding photos.  This was a HUGE trust.


  1. Cell service — LOL! (not on can-you-hear-me-now-Verizon)
    My cells are doing a great job and I am very, very, very grateful!!
    They live and die and get replaced – to keep the tasks flowing perfectly. Wow! What a heavenly team spirit!

    • Three cheers for your fabulous cells Jill!! Way to extend the light and love! xo

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