4. Day 12: The Flow Of Letting Go; Can You Feel It?

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4. Day 12:  The Flow Of Letting Go; Can You Feel It?

Good Morning and welcome Holy Spirit!  Thank you for the amazing flow of letting go during these weeks of visitors, trips, parties and momentous occasions.  I was so conscious of the feeling letting to that when a withdrawing, tensing or annoyance came I would remember to let letting go free.  I am tired, but not completely exhausted.  I am ready to return the house to “normal” (or at least get the laundry done) even as I have loved having our family and friends stay here.  Thank you for this practice of letting go (over and over and over again).

What will I let go of today?

Thoughts of “I’m tired”

Letting go is a capitol idea!

Letting go is a capitol idea!

When I feel this thought I will simply let it go in peace and tranquility.

Yesterday I let go of “deciding”.  I literally just waited for someone else to step forward with a plan for the day and it worked out beautifully.  We took our friend from Japan to see the Capitol and sights downtown while my family packed and ran errands for their own imminent return home.

It has been a huge shift for me to let go of arranging, planning, and generally controlling the flow of life while guests are here.  The funny thing is I don’t think my guests felt I did anything different (the fridge was always full, plenty of places to sleep and ideas for fun) what they couldn’t see that was missing was the worry I LET GO of just about every other minute.

Let me encourage you to feel the flow of letting go.  It already exists, kind of like water in a hose, you just have to open the valve and let it happen.  Can you feel this ever present flow of letting go?

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