4. Day 1: Letting Go Of Velociraptors Is Easy

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4. Day 1:  Letting Go Of Velociraptors Is Easy

Letting go of velociraptors is easy; letting go of fear (and your favorite pair of pj’s) is hard.  Or so I thought. I have noticed over the month (of extending love to guilt) I have been feeling a growing letting go energy. It feels like a flow of spaciousness that just IS. I noticed it first when talking to my daughter about wanting to get a new sofa and dining chairs.  I am realizing I am ready to let go all kinds of stuff that I have previously clung too as my life and identity.  I asked Holy Spirit how I can remain open to this energy.

HS:  Dearest One,

Thank you for noticing this new energy.  Simply continue to notice, allow and be guided by its flow.  It will not overwhelm or devastate; it will simply facilitate the desires of your heart. The letting go is also letting go resistance, fear and doubt.

Allow.  Welcome. Notice.

You have given this order deep within your being, do not fear the shifts, changes, and open space created.  This is all for your dearest most personal benefit.  You can be assured your brother is automatically benefitting.

So it is no real surprise that I was awoken at, yes you guessed it, 4:12 am and knew the next epic fear I am looking at with Holy Spirit is the fear of letting go.  This is how Holy Spirit let me know:

HS:  Let one new thing go each day for 30 days.  Ask yourself what you have been afraid to let go of.

Let one new thing go each day for 30 days.

Me:  Well, I have been afraid to let go of:

children, weight/belly, roles (mother, army wife, American, caretaker), stuff (having moved in the army for 25 years my stuff was my home), memories, blame, regret, hating/ignoring exersize, pain, God, being a Luddite, sugar, unhelpful habits

I can let go of velociraptors.

I can let go of velociraptors.

I can see that even while I resist letting go mightily (I am naturally and completely loyal; to people, nations, shoes, and my favorite biscuit) I have let go of some pretty big things:  my Mother, the USA and Australia in turn, How I saw God, being an actress (was accepted to ACT in San Fransisco but had an early, powerful experience with trusting my inner guidance that said “I would end up not knowing the difference between acting and real life”.  It is still a problem actually….), and last but certainly not least, coffee.   I am not as suspicious of letting go as I used to be.  But I think that actually feeling the letting go energy before HS directed me prepared the way.

I asked HS what is letting go and why do I fear/resist it?  My answer came in my NTI reading for the day:

“We proclaim the Word of Life”.  This is a sentence of Self Acceptance.  This is a sentence that comes upon your heart as you look within and see what you find there.  That which you find is Love, and it is you.  That which you find is Life and it is you.  That which you find is beyond description and so we simply call it the Word.  An that which you find is you.”——NTI 1 Jn p.443

(OH MY!!!  Letting Go is self acceptance???!!)

“God is Light; in Him there is not darkness at all.  What then is God?  GOD IS AN AWARENESS THAT IS PURE, BECAUSE IT LOOKS ON ONLY THAT WHICH IS WHOLLY TRUE.”—NTI 1 Jn p. 443

Good grief, I can’t even say “hang on tight” because I am being asked to practice letting go so LET GO and let God people!  This is going to be in interesting month!  Let’s LET GO together……….What are you ready to let go of?





  1. I am practicing letting go of the illusion of control. My house has been “for sale” since Thanksgiving 2013. We have a deposit on a luxury apartment, contingent on the sale of our house. My husband and I have a deadline of the end of this month when the contract expires with our real estate agent. We have been excited about the move that might happen, and yet have come to peace with the possibility that we will take the unsold house off the market at the end of the month, staying here for a few more years. It would be a win/win, either way being wonderful. Being in the space of not knowing which will happen is a feeling of let go, let God. It feels a little like floating. I’m in a not-knowing space, unsure about what the next few months have in store for us. Meanwhile lots of people are looking at our house and expressing interest. “Hey…show me the MONEY!” … or not….

    • Love it! Letting go into the space of not-knowing! It reminds me of when I first went in one of those wave pools with our two girls when they were little. I hadn’t experienced it before and nearly expired trying to look after everyone and keep afloat….until I LET GO and actually just floated, lol!! All was well after that! (fyi girls had life vests on…..not that I was going to trust those puppies of course, knowing that a Mum’s job is Safety Officer;) Thanks for sharing Jill! (and seriously folks SHOW HER THE MONEY!)

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