3. Day 9: The Guilt of Busyness or the Busyness of Guilt?

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3. Day 9:  The Guilt of Busyness or the Busyness of Guilt?

The busyness that is often my life has been on full tilt and today I can barely believe I have time to sit and write. So, I will do what I often do when inundated with life:  Give Thanks.  I am so grateful I have loving family who cares enough to drop everything and come to celebrate with us.  I am delighted that my daughter is soon to be a graduate of UC Davis.  I am thankful for our home, transportations, friends coming together to celebrate with us and for those who can’t make the trip but are sending much love and applause.  I am grateful for our businesses and all who dwell within these walls. Bless and guide us each and every one in your Love, strength, power and joy.  Thank you for the peace I feel when my calendar is telling me peace is not possible. Thank you for the dear ones who take time for their own hearts by reading this post.  Thank you for the epic, life changing energy I am feeling today flowing through my heart and home. I am grateful for the practice of this blog and for extending big love to my fears so that I can sit in the whirl that is today and be glad.

Besides, what has guilt actually ever done for me?  It has stopped me, hurt me, angered me, shamed me, ignored me, derailed me, distracted me, burned me, sickened me and stalked me.  Yikes!! Guilt is not my friend.  Why/how did I think guilt was in any way helpful?

HS:  It guaranteed to keep alive the idea that your power was outside of you.  If you were wrong/bad/less than/shamed you could be SAVED…..by something other than yourself.

Dearest One, you are your greatest resource.  Your choice to join your heart is always before you, choose that which bring your the experience and reminder of life. Your heart is connected to me always, listen my precious one, listen.


  1. I liked all your descriptions of what guilt does to everyone! It is amazing we put up with it so often 😉 Take care.

    • Thank you dear Renee! xoxo

    • Thank you dear Renee! Why indeed DO we put up with it? xoxo

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