3. Day 8: Going Rogue: Should & Should Not

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3. Day 8:  Going Rogue: Should & Should Not

Holy Spirit continues remind me of the truth about me.  As I was writing my last post I clicked a button and lost everything.  Because I was in that beautiful space with Holy Spirit I really noticed how I wanted to beat myself up for this mistake and waste of my time but didn’t.  I wanted to be annoyed and throw up my hands and say “Forget it!” but I did not.  Something the HS had just said kept ringing true for me:  Guilt is not the truth about you.   This is music to my ears, Holy Spirit, play on!

HS:  Guilt is not the truth about you.  Guilt is an effort to cover over the truth about you with a false plan of should or should not.  Your heart knows the way; trust it.  I have placed the desires of your heart within you so that you may come to know the love that you are.  When guilt and its attendants should and should-not declare you (or anyone else) not worthy, smile and remember this:

Guilt is NOT the truth about me.

Me:  I am not sure I can even function without should and should-not, isn’t this the basis of all rule, law and public direction?  Without should and should-not won’t anarchy rule?

HS:  Dearest One, there is nothing wrong with rules, directions and public concern and

Listening to your heart is not going rogue.

Listening to your heart is not going rogue.

safety.  Where do you think these ideas came from?  The heart has a yen to connect protect, and be in the truth and safety of its’ own Self.  There will always come a time when you get to choose your heart over a should or should-not. this is just you stepping into the personal awareness of Love’s Presence within yourself.

Listening to your heart doesn’t mean going rogue or being you against everyone else. Listening to your heart is you learning to hear and follow the deeper heart and love that connects, nay IS, all.

I do not play one against another.  As you trust all that is within you and listen for love, extend that love and trust all outcomes to me.  

You will know peace and that peace will see you free of the not-truth of guilt.


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