3. Day 6: Centeredness or Spin?

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3. Day 6:  Centeredness or Spin?

Guilt worries.  I never realized this about guilt, but it’s true.  Guilt worries about what will happen as well as worries about what won’t happen.  Guilt worries about what you should have done, what she could have said and what he shouldn’t have even thought of.  Worry is central to guilt’s mantra of ” this is not enough”.  So let’s connect again to your enoughness.  Right now.  No, don’t skim ahead to see if there is something new or more interesting.  Right now is enough.  Right here, on this page.  It is enough to be reading………sitting…. …..breathing………………giving thanks for this moment…..here.  Thank you for being here with me right now.  I so appreciate it.

Holy Friend, let’s extend love together, shall we, as we both reconnect to our heart of hearts?

Extend gentleness to worry.

Extend Love to your thoughts

Extend Love to your thoughts

Extend tenderness to doubt.

Extend beingness to fret.

Extend power to toil.

Extend innocence to left behindness

Extend truth to numb.

Extend centeredness to spin.

Extend wholeness to lonely.

Extend attentiveness to annoyance.

As you allow your heart to extend in, with and through these qualities of love so you call them into action and being.  As the qualities of love pour through you, you are reminded of your true nature of Love.

As you are reminded of your nature of Love, you realize there is no need for worry, there is only desire for guidance.  In this moment, you need but ASK.

Ask for guidance.  Be bold my friend.  Even a squeaked out “Help!!” from the heart will begin the process.  The more precise you are in your asking, the more likely you are TO NOTICE the guidance you are receiving.   Trust and know you are always being lovingly guided in every moment; first to return to your heart and full awareness of Love’s Presence, second to remain there.

So you may rest easy–no matter what is happening in front of your, you are already being guided.  ASKing unleashes the power of noticing that all you need to experience the wholeness of this moment is within reach.

Walking without worry is simply walking in peace and being willing to ASK for guidance when any awareness of not-peace come into view.


  1. Elegant! 🙂

  2. The concept of “enough” is something I have been contemplating lately. Why is enough so often NOT enough? Why, when I have everything I need, do I want MORE? Never considered the role of guilt. Thanks for the insight. <3

    • Guilt is the sneakiest fear isn’t it?

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