3. Day 3: Guilt Leads Me To Innocence

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3. Day 3:  Guilt Leads Me To Innocence

This blog and project of extending love to fear is coming with all kinds of bonuses.  My favorite is that quotes, experiences, and “random” thoughts keep running right into my open arms.  Hey, may it is because my arms are open?

Today, let’s begin with a yummy quote written over 25 years ago that is saying the same thing about extending qualities of love that I found in the classic “I Come As a Brother” by Bartholomew:


“To any extent WHATSOEVER that you practice any of the empowering truths such as love, humor, vision, acceptance, courage, discipline, and wisdom you are building yourself an empowered energy field that makes the next day easier to be courageous (and humor filled, disciplined, loving etc) in.

It sets up an electromagnetic current around you which gives the people around you an opportunity to become bolder and more courageous. They in turn, go out and affect the lives of others.”—I Come As A Brother, Bartholomew

Let’s get to extending love to guilt with the Holy Friend.

Me:  Guilt is one of those feelings I can feel into at a moment’s notice.  It feels the truth about me in the moment.  It feels separating, crushing, debilitating, de-powering.  Comfort is the way I choose to counteract the feeling–often the self comfort of food or busy.  I am becoming aware of “feeding guilt” so to speak.  How can I remember to ask first for the guidance of The Comforter.  How do I do this?

Guilt blocks your access to the awareness of your innocence.

Guilt blocks your access to the awareness of your innocence.

HS:  Take time for innocence.

Me:  What do you mean?

HS:  Sink into innocence.

Surrender to innocence.

Be with innocence.

Contemplate innocence.

Treasure innocence.

Be innocence.


1. Sink into innocence.

2. Surrender to innocence.

3. Be with innocence.

4. Contemplate innocence.

5. Treasure innocence.

6. Be innocence.

Dearest One, you experience guilt because you do not experience innocence.  The more time you spend in awareness of the Innocence, you will remember you are innocent.  Not innocent until proven guilty.  Simply innocent.

The charges you make against yourself do not substantiate your guilt.  They merely give you the opportunity to experience not-innocence.  This is not, nor has it ever been the truth about you.

The consequences of guilt are the feelings of guilt.  You may return to your innocent nature of love in any moment.  You are so very certain your nature is guilt and that nature must be captured, punished, incarcerated and retrained.  The truth is your Innocence remains untarnished by your dreams of guilt.

You play out thousands and millions of scenarios of guilt–wrong doing, betrayal, the taking of another life, yet you do not experience the daily truth of your innocence.

Do this now Precious one.


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