3. Day 21: Are You Love-able?

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3. Day 21:  Are You Love-able?

I am beginning to realize I am afraid to let my fears go.  What is being revealed is that I see my fears almost as friends (known, protective and comforting).  The question is do I really want to let my fears, including guilt, go?  I honestly don’t know.  I would like to experience a time of utter fearlessness to see.  I hate to admit that imagining this is nye impossible, even after so much practice extending love to my fears.  I am not as afraid of my fears as I once was but still am not sure letting them go entirely will serve me.  How do I proceed, I don’t even know what to ask.

Heavenly Father, God, Holy Spirit, Love, please guide me, my mind, body and cells into the joyous awareness that Love is.  Thank you for this extending love project, it is helping me tremendously drop my fear of fear.

Oh, am I “loving what IS” by extending love to my fears?

HS:  Dearest One,

Love counts all that is as love-able.  Love does not need to separate or categorize for the purpose of exclusion in or from Love.  

Fears serve a purpose.  

Thoughts serve a purpose.

Feelings serve a purpose.

These all lead you back to YOU.  You serve a purpose.  You are your purpose.  Your purpose is to be love-able.  All-that-is serves itself through and by itself but this is only known through the awareness of the power that is Love within your own deeper Self and Heart.  The Vastness is there.


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