3. Day 19: M & M’s and Sunglasses!

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3. Day 19:  M & M’s and Sunglasses!

We have had the most wonderful time in the last days and weeks celebrating our daughter’s graduation from university.  Family and friends gathered in so many ways from so many places.  We ate, drank and made merry in all the usual ways.  I bought so many groceries that I was given honorary staff status at our local Bel Air and Whole Foods; candles were lit, pina colada’s mixed, laundry run, presents wrapped and even a lightening trip to Ashland, OR and Crater Lake National Park for our out-of-town visitors.  We are great hosts.  Still, guilt can raise its head inside me and say, “You could have done more.”  There was a chocolate fountain, M&M’s with personalized quotes, my daughter’s beau’s favorite cream soda int he fridge and guilt’s “Is this really enough??” echoes in my mind.   Ahhhh, that is it isn’t it?  It is in my mind, not at all in my heart.  Because of my extending love to my epic fears project in this blog, I was able to notice the guilt when it was present.  I knew it wasn’t the truth, even as I felt it’s icy fingers attempting to cut me off from the truth of my heart.

Me:  Why do I choose guilt?

HS:  Guilt is the choice when you are not yet ready to see that Love is what is everyone’s power source.  It is not up to you to decide for others to love or be.  They (and you) are already Love.  It is up to you to notice the love that is already there, guilt prevents you from seeing and experiencing the love that is already fully present.

Me:  So what do I do when I notice I have chosen and felt guilt?

HS:  Thank the guilt for reminding you that not-love doesn’t feel good.  Ask how you can extend love

See guilt as sunglasses, nothing more.

See guilt as sunglasses, nothing more.

immediately and once again experience the fullness of your heart. Notice how the guilt feels in the moment. Breathe and notice.

Guilt is a sort of determined all knowing panic–certain of wrongness, needed punishment and the impossibility of making everyone happy all the time.  You see darling, when you feel guilt you are, in essence, declaring you are responsible for everyone’s happiness except your own.  The truth is happiness is assured when each one minds and notices his own awareness.  Happiness unfurls and is exposed almost immediately.  Not what you think is a form of happiness but truth, at-ease-ment, delight in is-ness and the joy of the presence of truth.

Me:  So do I actually need guilt for any reason?

HS:  Why don’t you think of guilt as a pair of sunglasses.  Be aware of using it when you are not quite ready for the brightness of the flory of your heart.  Just notice when you put the sunglasses on and know you can take them off at any time and remember and see again the whole spectrum of Love’s light.


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