3. Day 18: Over-thinking Guilt Pays Off

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3. Day 18:  Over-thinking Guilt Pays Off

Why DO I choose guilt?  Seriously.  WHY?  Guilt is the only way I know of that covers an inequitable situation: 1.  the thing I want and need for me & 2.  the thing I should want and need for me.  It is what I use to cover the seeming disparity between following my own heart and yet seeing myself or a loved one need or expect something different.  I guess I feel like I should pay a penalty of sorts for following my own heart/desire rather than what I or God (or a loved one) expects of me, or what should be the best.

Me:  HS, how else can I view the seeming disparity between what I want to do and what seems best for others or myself?

HS:  Precious One, Good morning and welcome to our time together.  thank you for your willingness to be quiet and to listen.  This is a great strength.  It is what is so helpful and what leads directly to your service. What if I told you were designed to automatically do what was best for all because you followed your heart?  I have said this in many ways and throughout time:  I will give you the desires of your heart.  Listen. Follow. trust. The thing is, you instead:  doubt, talk (not listen), mill & worry, then eventually decide what should happen.

Only by following, unapologetically, the desires of your own heart will you show your brother this is possible. You both are trapped inside a loop of thought that is telling you what it knows is best while all along your heart says otherwise.

Me:  Sometimes, many times actually, I don’t know what I want.

HS:  Dearest, following your heart is not exactly the same as wanting.  Following your heart is a process of being still, listening intently, and asking without agenda.  Following your  heart is what your default setting is when you let go of should, could and must.  What you truly want is peace, joy, love and strength for all.  You do not have to figure out how to bequeath this.  It already is.

Following your heart is a process of being still, listening intently, and asking without agenda.

Your own stillness, listening, and following your heart’s guidance IS your gift.  When you allow yourself the time to notice–and this can be anywhere, anytime–you will notice the true desires of your heart are longing for complete peace, delight, love and empowerment for all.  You empower others in love by letting love be your guide and source of power.


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