3. Day 15: A Drop In Love Pressure

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3. Day 15:  A Drop In Love Pressure

What does guilt feel like, in my body?  It feels metallic, like an acid bath; cold heat, systemic, down and up from center, pouring, searing a thudding FULL STOP.  It feels like what I imagine a mild electrocution might feel like.

Me:  Holy Spirit, what is this and why does it act in this way?

HS:  Dearest One, this experience you have with guilt is visceral, though not universal.  You feel and are aware of the feelings of fear acutely.  This has been a gift you are now ready and willing to open.  Many of your brothers must wait to notice fear after it has upset the balance in their outer world.

Dearest One, you have always felt fear acutely and continued to do so in order to bring the light of loving awareness to this searing energy.  Let us look at this energy together without judgment or recourse.

This energy arrives in response to an unnoticed thought.  It is fast,acute, and total.  As you become more adept at noticing this energy you will be able to respond to its gifts of reminding you that Love is always an option for you ARE love.  This [guilt] energy is the thought vortex:  “I am not love, this proves it/ I am not love, this proves it/ I am not love, this proves it…..”  By allowing and welcoming a loving awareness you will begin to notice immediately this drop in Love pressure, much like you can notice a shift in air pressure in your ears and balance in a plane or at altitude.  This shift/drop in Love pressure alerts you to call forth Love within yourself to return to joy, peace and full strength.  That is all.

Ignoring fear or believing fear or hating fear or denying fear or being terrorized by fear only keeps this reverse flow of energy in place.  Only by turning gently to notice this energy will you reclaim the truth of who and what you are.  I am always with you.  Ask for my help, strength, guidance until you are feeling your self again.  I am your True Self.  Fear not this truth.



  1. How interesting to see that feeling the guilt/fear is a gift that prompts one to ask for the re-Minder of our True Identity of Love!
    Important and valuable lesson!
    I am grateful!!

    • I guess it really is true that we either express love or are calling for love to be expressed:)

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