3. Day 14: The Story of Princess Precious

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3. Day 14:  The Story of Princess Precious

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved adventure.  She was not content to sit and play with dolls. She’d rather climb out of her window and see what there was to see in the world.  She needed to experience everything;  speed, stillness, emptiness, chock-a-block fullness, delight, misery, lost and found.  She didn’t want someone to tell her a story she wanted to LIVE the story.  And so she did.


She grew up as little girls do in the shadow of her beloved family where she played and worked and gathered and found all the while knowing she was beloved and protected.  One day, she grew up enough to go out into the world alone.  To see what she could see and learn and discern.  Not content with one school or two or three she kept looking like Goldilocks for just the perfect fit.  And then came along that day she longed for:  she knew exactly what she wanted to be when she grew up!  She wanted to be LOVE.  She wanted to be love, and live love and learn love from the bottom of the earth to the top of the sky.  So she did what any

Life is so delicious!

Life is so delicious!

young woman would she studied Geology and practiced Art Studio on the side for her soul and nourishment.  She also found a pal to wander the world with who loved to fly.  Together they roamed and played and laughed and worked.

Until the day came to GRADUATE into the next phase of training. Oh what a happy day it was.  Her parents and sister were so proud they stayed up all night preparing the castle for the celebrations. There were balloons and flowers, cake and champagne and even a gift or two.  She wasn’t worried one bit about what was going to come next because she knew now that she had the key to success all along, deep inside her heart.  It guided her, spoke to her, laughed with her and comforted her.  She knew now that this Holy Friend was always with her and would always be with her no matter what she did or where she went.  This was what graduation was all about:  the joy of wisdom and the wisdom of joy.

She threw back her head and laughed as she galloped off into today’s sunset for she knew she would travel this path from joy to joy and celebrate and give thanks for everything in between.  She had come home to her own sweet self and never more would she forget her holy name:  Princess Precious.


The End



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