3. Day 11: Holy Spirit Makes Lemonade

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3. Day 11: Holy Spirit Makes Lemonade

Hello guilt.  I am feeling you now.  I missed a family graduation and it is doing me in.  I gave a gift and said bravo and much happiness etc but I am not there.  I didn’t send flowers (or balloons or organized a mariachi band).  We have been there for other events and I feel wretched for missing this one.  I absolutely should DO/BE more.  Ugh.  I hate feeling less than whole.  It seems there is no tad or taste or bit of guilt; a little guilt sours the whole.

Me:  How can I deal with feelings of not good enough?

HS:  Enough is good.

Good is enough.

You think in terms of good/better/best forgetting all the while that goodness (all goodness) is who and what you are.  You may express infinite flavors and colors of goodness and remain whole.  Fear not the apparent differences in how you celebrate one another.  Let the one being celebrated dictate the color of celebration. If they wanted it difference it would be so.  The way it is is exactly what all hearts concerned are calling for.

Enjoy what is.

Enjoy from afar.

Enjoy who is there.

Enjoy what is happening.

Enjoy the accomplishments of the celebrated one.

Enjoy the truth of who they are.

Do you see darling? Guilt traps you in a very narrow field of right.  Once you notice the feeling and enclosed feelings of less-than, give thanks.  Immediately.

     Thank you less-than for reminding me to love.

Love. Thank. Delight in. Share. Celebrate. Create. Applaud. Cheer. Enjoy.

The part of you who feels as if you missing out can be gentely comforted and treasured, leave not this part of you on the sidelines.  Hug yourself and be reminded you are wholly present, wholly loved and wholly loving.

It is enough.

Graduation indeed.


  1. Great opportunity to see guilt arise and choose to remember Truth. We have seemingly endless examples of not-Truth, and also the Inner Wisdom available to re-Mind us. If we are willing to keep turning to RightMindedness, such joy and healing is experienced and shared with “all of us”!
    Gratitude and Blessings,

    • Amen and amen! Thanks Jill for this:) xo

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