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5. Day 22: EVERY DAY Is An Attitude

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5. Day 22:  EVERY DAY Is An Attitude

Here are a few things I am noticing as I continue to walk EVERY DAY: 1)  I am still doing it 2)  I actually enjoy it 3)  It is always hardest to get to the end of my street 4)  It gets easier at about the two mile mark 5)  It was worth going slow and short distances in the beginning 6)  I can walk in any mood (happy, sad, cross, tired) 7)  I can walk alone or with someone (I like both) 8)  My name remains the same no matter how or if I walk 9)  When I pass my original distance of the first days I know I would feel cheated now if I turned home at that point 10)  It doesn’t matter what I...

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