2. Day 6: The Power I Am Afraid of Using

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2. Day 6:  The Power I Am Afraid of Using

Extending love to depression feels very much like extending love to both power-lessness AND needing to extend love to power.  This old quote rings in my ears:

“All power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”—-Lord Acton, British historian

Me:  So what is the power that depression is afraid of using, claiming and being?

HS:  The Power of Loving Unconditionally

Me:  Loving unconditionally does indeed feel a little scary in the light of the recent conversations  I’ve had with folks re the ease of carrying a gun in Tennessee, the difficulty of interracial marriage still remaining in the South and a church going Christians only insurance company.  The drawing of lines that shouldn’t be crossed unsettles me.  How can I extend love without conditions of “Play fair” or “Is this safe for all?” or “Why can’t I take part?”?

HS:  Fear not these big, small thoughts.  There is much fear in the world—fear of truth, fear of inclusion, fear of love, fear of loving.  Allow yourself to connect deeply with the love that you are and share that truth with all in your midst.

Accept, cherish, delight in, enjoy, and tenderly listen.

Surrender to the Love that your brother is and fear not where this leads.

Look closely and carefully into their eyes—ask them what they love most about knowing

Look into their eyes.

Look into their eyes.

God.  Fear not their answers or lack there of.  They are perfectly happy, feeling safe and protected, do not take this from them.  You are adventuring first into the greater arms of Love so that you may share only by your loving that loving without conditions is also safe.

Fear not their fears, they are your own.  Tenderly listen and hear for what is truly feared.  Ask me if you feel lost.  Forget not your own heart, feel into it—know what you are feeling. 

Do you feel blocked, limited, estranged from yourself?

Do you feel open, relaxed, happy and connected to yourself?

You need do nothing.

I am enough.

You are enough.

Your brother and sister are enough.

Love is enough.

God is love, it is enough.

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