2. Day 5: I Allow Myself to See

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2. Day 5:  I Allow Myself to See

The Holy Spirit continues with this message of love regarding power and powerlessness and gives me a great practice.

HS:  When you feel depressed you feel powerless.

When you feel powerless (fear of power) you feel depressed.

Think of areas you feel powerless in.

Me:  Assuring my children are happy, healthy and strong; my body’s health and strength; wearing high heels (ever since my Mother was in a wheel chair and I got used to needing flat shoes for my own sure-footedness in moving her to and fro); driving; high powered business situations; keeping up with my business partner’s energy level.

HS:  Now take each one and say and write:

I allow myself to see _____________________________.


I allow myself to see the happiness of my children.

I allow myself to see the health and strength of my body.

I allow myself to see how much I enjoy high heels and feel comfortable in them.

I allow myself to see driving as an act of creational experience.

I allow myself to see business as something I have always enjoyed.

I allow myself to see keeping up with my partner good exercise.

I allow myself to see wanting to make him slow down as abdication of my own power.


Me:  Wow!  This was really helpful.  The phrase “I allow myself to see____” was like a key unlocking a door.  I didn’t know that a fear present in me in these categories literally prevented me from seeing.  Just writing “I allow myself to see_____” over and over actually helped me to see.  This is amazing.  I feel like I have a secret decoder ring!  Try this for yourself:

Sit quietly and list a few of the things you feel powerless over, it could be a relationship, an illness, your finances etc. Allow the sentence to unfold, as it will. Write this a few times and see what happens. Try this several days in a row and see what shifts for you. What do you feel most powerless over? I allow myself to see_____________________________.


(Let me know how you go by posting a comment.)


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