2. Day 4: In Cahoots with Good

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2. Day 4:  In Cahoots with Good

I learned yesterday that depression comes from power I possess but have not used.  What qualities of love are best to extend to powerlessness to increase and balance my awareness of my true power?

Holy SpiritBe willing to sit in stillness and invite power to make itself know to you in a feeling or sensation.  It may be a tingling, a sense of spaciousness or a feeling of openness to what is.

Powerlessness is a state of fearing power; it is not lack of power.
Powerlessness is a state of fearing power; it is not lack of power.

As you allow yourself to step quietly and without regret or explanation toward being with a feeling of power you will more easily be able to notice the power that is actually ever ready at your beck and call.

You have used and enjoyed the power of your personality now it is time to get to know and enjoy using your personality of power.

Power is all that you are—all feelings, all thoughts, all experiences, all situations, all problems, all lack, all abundance, all pain and all health.  In accepting the all-ness of you, you automatically grow your awareness of your true nature of power.  You have elected to

Power Is

Power Is

negate and ignore many parts or yourself, feelings, and thoughts in order to seclude yourself in this thing you call good.

It is all goodness.  Bad and good are the along same spectrum of goodness.  The area you call bad is but a fear and lack of awareness of the good.  Do not fret or languish in a feeling of missed opportunity.

Now is always the only opportunity available to you.  Be glad in this knowledge for you will fine-tune your awareness of your true nature of power in this way.

Practice extending qualities of love to your thoughts, feelings, fears and annoyances.  In this way you will begin to see all is brought to you IN ORDER FOR YOU TO REALIZE THE POWER OF GOODNESS.  Seeing the perfect goodness in all things is not the same thing as straining to be positive or saying “It’s all good”—though it is—it is feeling the wordless delight in each moment of every heart working together IN GOOD, FOR GOOD, BY GOOD, BECAUSE OF GOOD, IN CAHOOTS WITH GOOD, INVITED BY GOOD, ACCEPTED BY GOOD.

Your power is in the full and complete unconditional surrender to your own whole Self.

It is easiest to start this right where you are:  itching ear, snug airline seatbelt, tired eyes, and quiet breath.  Your size, your thoughts, your forgetfulness, your laughter, your willingness, your hunger for inclusiveness are all part of Me.

You are part of Me as I am All-of-you.  Look across the aisles of the plane and see the many beings of love.  There is no one left behind, all have the power to love.  All have the ability to turn on their own awareness.




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