2. Day 30: The Jig Is Up

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2. Day 30:  The Jig Is Up

Depression has a very low opinion of everything and everyone.  I know.  The jig is up.  This is a totally untrue statement.  You knew from the very first moment you read it in the “21 Fear Salute” didn’t you?  You were afraid to even allow this thought to exist so you closed yourself off from it;  clamping down and closing your eyes.  The thing is, this is how you forget your precious self.  When you close your eyes to anything, you close your eyes to everything.


21. A very low opinion of everything and everyone.

HS:  Dearest One,

Opinion is a small use of energy and is only a way to get you notice your own heart.  An opinion is a voiced thought.  The beauty of a voiced thought is it allows you to actually notice it.  Gently set down the idea of opinion and imagine how much more fun it would be to see the truth about everyone and everything.  What might that feel like? Would it be energizing?

When you notice your opinions, whether a high or low opinion, thank them.  They have done their job; you noticed.  Now ask yourself what is the truth that remains ever present obscured by the opinion?  You will know it when you feel it.

You, my dearest One, are the treasure you are seeking.  Your heart is always connected to its source.  You are divine spirit, just waking up to your own heart.  Thank the stillness of depression for its gifts and see now your own guidance.

Trust your heart my precious One, it will not fail you.


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