2. Day 28: Action Is Essentional to Living

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2. Day 28:  Action Is Essentional to Living

Safety is the key to moving forward.  Moving is also key to moving forward.  How can you feel safe when you don’t?  How can you move forward if you don’t feel safe?  How can you trust the desires of your heart when you don’t really trust your self?  I just read an article in a recent Town & Country touting the benefits of a personal nutritionist (soon to be followed by a personal farmer).  We are inundated with expert advice, none of it our own.  We will take credit for the wisdom to hire an expert but that is as far as it goes.  When did our own instincts and heart get so untrustworthy?  I think it because we feel an underlying anxiety or lack of safety.  Depression, of course, deals with this daily.  The belief that action is pointless unless I know where I am going and safety is essential is a framework for all the other fears of depression.

19. Action is pointless unless I know where I am going; safety is essential.

There comes a time when the only way to move forward is to MOVE.  Action is the expression required by our hearts.  Action can be standing perfectly still and listening intently if it is done on purpose. Just “doing” something might prime the pump of action but the beauty of action is really seen when intention and purpose are being expressed. The reason action can feel unsafe is that we look at action through very judgmental eyes.  

Real action is any move toward truth.  Action begins with a thought that must be expressed.  Action looks like busy work and sometimes it is.  Truth must be expressed, it is inevitable.  The expression of truth is, in fact, a hallmark of truth.  When you are faced with fear which prevents action, you know what to do:

Extend love to that fear:  I extend innocence, perfection & joy to this fear.

Extending love IS action.  Keep extending love to your thoughts until you remember the truth of you, then ask:  “What action will most benefit me?”  Then do it.  Take one step.

Faith in action!

Faith in action!

One of the problems with action is we immediately see our goal or end and forget all the steps in between first thought and final completion.

We get stuck because we don’t know how to take ALL the steps.  I know people who won’t have children because they don’t know how to pay for college.  I have two children in college and I don’t know how we are paying for college.  But today is paid for. Or what about not acting in a local theater production because you don’t know what to say in your acceptance speech at the Academy Awards?  My favorite reason for inaction (because it is my reason) is not knowing all the ramifications throughout time and space.

Here is a little secret about action–it’s like breathing or walking, no big deal but pretty essential to living.  So what is one action YOU could take right now that would benefit your own self?

Take a step in the direction of your own happiness and let me know how you go.



  1. Best blog yet! I promise to take action today moving me toward a goal.

    • It’s people like you that have warmed me to the deliciousness of action! xo

  2. Thank you Eva for this timely message! As you know, we have spent the last 5 years planning and preparing for our goal of an extended family business. We’ve anticipated all types of scenarios and reactions to those scenarios. No matter how detailed your planning, you come to a point where you finally have to MOVE. Even if you don’t know the results. Even if you know your heart’s desire doesn’t have the support of all the people in your life. How scary, but how exhilarating!

    • Dearest Friend, as long as your heart’s desire has your support the others in your life will learn to trust and ultimately delight in it with you. All is well, I promise. xoxoxoxoxo

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