2. Day 26: No One Understands Me

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2. Day 26:  No One Understands Me

Yesterday we practiced expanding the size of our seeing to notice when Wrong IS.  Today let’s look at when we feel that wrongness in the way we are not being understood by others.  Depression’s  21 fears must work very hard at covering over our awareness of Love’s Presence which is why it feels so exhausting.  The fear of not being understood (and there’s no point of explaining myself) can be very limiting to your awareness of your own self.


17. Fear of not being understood (there is no point in explaining myself)

It is time to extend love to this thought:  I extend beauty to this thought.

Me:  Can I see and feel “not being understood” in beauty?  as a part of beauty?  what could possibly be beauty-filled in feeling NOT understood?

HS:  Precious One,

Beauty is a quality of love that both allows you to see beauty and expect beauty.  Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, sounds, silences, tastes and forms.  Beauty is limitless for it always is aware of the beauty of all creation.  Not being understood opens up limitless

Beauty understands.

Beauty understands.

possibilities.  Do you want to be understood?  Do you want to understand?  Are you willing to look closely at yourself and notice if you understand yourself?  Can you see the ineffable beauty of this moment here where we are together with “not being understood”?  What is this moment actually like; what does it feel like, taste like, look like? What opportunity is in “not being understood”?  What beauty lies within “I don’t want to explain myself”?

Perhaps misunderstood and explaining your self could sit together and ask; how can we help one another?

Dearest One, this feeling that no one is able to understand you is but your own quizzical look at the unfathomable depths of your own heart.  When you are feeling misunderstood remember that you have your whole life to come to understand you own heart self.  No wonder you don’t want to explain yourself, how could you?  Poets, playwrights, philosophers, priests, mothers, fathers and your own first love have all failed at explaining themselves.

Forget understood.  Let go of explaining.

Just listen and notice.

Hear your heart’s desire and trust it.  This is the beauty of misunderstood and explaining, they are insistent and painful so you will let them go and just listen and trust your self.

Me:  Thank you Holy Spirit, that IS beautiful.



  1. “Hear your heart’s desire and trust it.” I know my heart’s desire, but I have not trusted it. Thank you for the missing piece! <3

    • Oh my Kathy, you have hit the nail on the head! We do NOT trust the desires of our hearts do we? Let’s get into the habit of sharing our hearts desire with one another let Love do all the heavy lifting. Together we can learn to trust trusting. xo

      • Trusting is scary! Yes, we need to trust trusting! Easier said than done though…

        • That’s why we hold hands while we trust;) xo

          • 😀

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