2. Day 23: Change Is

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2. Day 23:  Change Is

Does everybody have cancer?  You either have it yourself or someone close to you has it.  I have a loved one battling today that invisible fear we call cancer.  I noticed on Facebook and overheard grocery store and business conversations that so many are fighting this battle, this fear, this irrevocable change.  Change in health, in prognosis for the future, in daily life.  If we are all connected then why are we doing this to ourselves?  We are afraid of change as much as anything.  This is a core fear in depression too.

Me:   How can I be with all of this in peace?

HS:  Dearest One, know I am always working on your behalf–on behalf of all my children. There is never a moment when you are outside of my knowledge, power, kindness, tenderness and care.  Relax into this each day as much as possible.  All is being provided for you in every moment.  Simply ASK if you cannot see this. Ask in the little things of daily relationship as well as the big things of life and death.

Me:  I am glad you brought up daily relationship.  I am being inundated with annoyance at all the electronic devices that divide attention.

HS:  Dearest One, you yet believe another holds the key to your happiness.  Until you allow yourself to open your heart and hand to realize you hold the key.  Rather than assume meaning of the presence of electronic devices please ask:

Does this have meaning for me?

How can I open myself to this moment to include all of me?

How can I express my joy here?

Your happiness is you: your awareness, your awareness of Love’s presence, your willingness, peace & joy.

As each event unfolds notice what part of you is calling for love.  Extend love in the form

needed.  If that is unknown, ASK.

Me:  This is bringing up resistance and annoyance in me.  It feels exhausting always being the keeper of the key to my own happiness, it almost feels like blame; your appliance, your fault.



HS:  Honey Dearest, it is not a matter of fault or blame, it is a matter of reality.  Only when you go within yourself where your happiness is actually experienced will you be aware of what is already there.

Your happiness already IS.

Your thought of “someone else holds the key to my experiencing this” IS what prevents you from experiencing the happiness you are.  Ask yourself in any moment when you are not experiencing the peace and joy that you are: How can I experience joy now?  What do I need?

The change you are afraid of is changing from believing another holds the key to your happiness to realizing with joy and relief that you held the key all along the way.  Fear not this change dear one, you are only remembering what has always been true.



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