2. Day 20: WTF HS?

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2. Day 20: WTF HS?

We are in the middle of a catastrophic health crisis of the most hopeless kind. One of my dear ones, a child really, just starting out in the world is on the other side of a diagnosis that changed everything in an instant. This one graduated from college just days ago.  This is the kind of thing that sends me reaching to the back of my mind’s cupboard for a drink of “What’s the point of living any more anyway?”  It seems so pointless, frightening, overwhelming and threatening.  It is a weird thing to find myself noticing the threat of death feels not dissimilar to the fear of life.  Maybe fear feels like fear no matter what the object.  It is difficult to extend love to depression when faced with the real depression of helplessness and powerless I feel in this moment reading the most recent medical update.  So I will thank God I am in the middle of a daily exercise of extending love to my epic fears and especially that I am in the middle of extending love to depression.

11. Fear of life: what’s the point?

Me:  WTF HS?  What IS the point? “21 Fear Salute” be damned.

HS:  Dearest One,

When you have the thoughts of despair which cause you to reach for the thought “What’s the point?” ask yourself instead, what shall I love now?  

What shall I love now? Extend any quality of love to any thought, feeling or circumstance in your awareness. Love the trees, the dogs, your cup of tea. Extend love to your breath, your body, your nose. Give thanks. Notice. Breathe.

“What’s the point of living any more?” is a clear call for love, do not delay in its’ embrace for this thought is a backwards flowing energy and undoes creation.  It serves its purpose when you are satisfied, complete and ready to move on but it will show up, checking in as it were, to see if it is needed.  

When you are ready the thought is greeted as though a happy moving crew has arrived to take care of everything.  When you are not yet ready it is a bashing, crashing storm trooper of doom.  Be aware this thought is powerful.  See it for what and when it is.

Extend love and ask:  What do I do now with this thought?

Remember, there is no right or wrong way to call upon the power of God.

There is no right or wrong way to call upon the power of God, the Great Physician, All-That-Is, the Comforter, Prince of Peace, One.
Reach for the power of Love.

Reach for the power of Love.

Do not waste your energy even on wondering. Celebrate all claims to God’s power.  Use it, share it, trust it, receive it, give it, allow it and welcome it.  All Love’s Power is healing.

Healing perceptions.

Healing thoughts.

Healing time.

Healing the world.

Me:  The relief of coming home to the Holy Spirit in my heart cannot be described.  I know that no matter what happens in this “real world” of diagnosis and depression that only Love is real and God is Love.



  1. I am so sorry for both the underlying issue and the struggle with depression. You are not alone. ((hugs))

    • Thanks for this Stacey, there is always something in the world that allows us to remember Love is always the answer and that God is (always) Love. Love you! xo

      • Love you too. Someone very wise said “Depression Lies”. I think about that in my darkest moments. It’s a lie. It’s a mirage. I have had periods of not only not seeing the forest through the trees, but not knowing I was in a forest and trees were that for which I was looking. Depression Lies. Yes, ma’am it does.

        • I think this is one of the benefits of extending noticing, awareness and gentleness to depression: that we see the truth about ourselves. We are love, whole, powerful and perfect. Lies kind of drift away once they are sprung, then the healing and strength can return to our awareness. Thanks for you comment!

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