2. Day 18: Eternity On A Spoon

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2. Day 18:  Eternity On A Spoon

Yesterday we looked at the fear of not being heard in the “21 Fear Salute“, today we get to the root of the problem which is the fear of listening.  What if we do take the time to listen?  What are we going to hear? This is the crux of depression.  What if we stop noticing everything else but our own heart?  It seems depression conspires to still everything around us, put it on mute for the purpose of listening.  But what if I am afraid to even listen?


9. Fear of Listening

Me:  How do I extend love to the fear of listening?  I am afraid of listening because I am afraid of what I will hear, namely, the truth about me that I am not good enough, bright enough, fast enough, gentle enough, strong enough, pretty enough, accomplished enough…….

HS:  Enough.

Dearest most precious child, you are indeed enough on all counts, in every way.  It is you who decided to see your self separate from Enough.  You now think Enough is a scrap, a morsel, a crumb.

Enough is All.

Enough is the Universe of Universes.

Enough is eternity on a spoon.

Enough is the idea that is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand or the chambers of your heart for you to examine up close and personal to allow intimacy on a small scale before the memory of your infinite grandeur and kindness can seep into your remembered awareness again.  Enough is large enough to incorporate all the qualities of Love both yesterday today and forever and small enough to be fully present in a solitary quality of love.

Enough is enough.

I am that I am.

Enough said for today.




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