12. Day 9: I Brake For Poetry

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12. Day 9:  I Brake For Poetry

“Nobody’s Fool”

Even a dog gets thirsty

and knows how to wake

himself up and trot

to the water bowl.

How is it I forget

each time I fall asleep

how to wake myself up

and trot over to the Beloved

to sip, soak and be drenched

by His love presence?

I am a forgetting,

fool, that’s why.

Lucky my Beloved

planted His holy wellspring

deep within my breast

so that I never have to

trot very far

to receive that sublime

whiff of the holy christening

which reminds me to open my

mouth and surrender

to the drink

of Life.

Once more I am saturated

in Love and am

nobody’s fool

(but my own)


The Living Water must be shared....

The Living Water must be shared….

I write

because it is the only

way to experience

the peace of communion

word, thoughts, ideas

conclusions, beliefs, mantras

feelings, passion, intuition

all must ultimately

be recognized

the living water must be shared

or else what

good is the hose?


  1. Beautiful!

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