12. Day 6: I Am The Poem

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12. Day 6:  I Am The Poem

Feelings have a way of leaving me mute; I think this is one of the reasons I have feared them.  Since talking is my perceived way of connecting, feelings (and the ensuing muted state) can leave me feeling somewhat disconnected to myself.  The beckoning quiet of silence is my only friend. Poetry is one way I can express myself back into an awareness of connection with myself.  I do not write in order to make a poem, I write in order to be the poem.

Silence Speaks

My thoughts have all escaped

I am left holding a bag of words

clock tick

candle flickerthree pots

tea steam

aeroplane whine

traffic drone

lawnmower sputter

if I pull them out

one at a time

motorcycle gust

bird song

heart beat

will I be the poem?

Listening To Myself

Today is the gift

I give myself

to listen to

the mystery

that is my ineffable spirit,

my essence,

the being that I am

beyond blood and bone

That divine spark

that says

I am

a poet

a mother

a daughter

a lover

a wife

a leader

a giver

a peace maker


The New Born

Why do I continue

to write, stretch, form and pump

Rock on.......words onto a page

when there are already

so very many words?

Words expressed daily, feverishly;

a working mother

expressing milk for her babe,

that new born voice

that can only be nourished

by the truth splashing

out onto the page.

Wet, fresh, life-giving


awake in my heart

with the already full grown

knowledge of my

life now loved

attended and cared for

my life

my very own


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