12. Day 23: Who Is Santa’s Helper?

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12. Day 23:  Who Is Santa’s Helper?

You know the mixed feelings you had when you discovered that your Mom and Dad were, in fact, Santa (or at the stretch “Santa’s helpers”)?  You were glad in your heart, that someone who knew you and loved you were the ones filling the stockings AND you were a teensy bit disappointed that there wasn’t a Jolly Ol’ Man dressed in velvet and ermine scampering around your Christmas tree in the wee hours of Christmas morning.  Well that is a bit how I feel after this Writing Conference.  I found out that “I” am Santa’s helper (or at least the Publishers’ helper) which is great because who better to know me or my material or message than, well, me.  AND I was somewhat disappointed to let go of that persistent dream thought of “If someone else would just read my words they would be so transported that they would offer me a sweet publishing contract on the spot”.  It turns out even if a publisher is so transported they still expect you to have a platform.

Uh, oh!  I am Santa's helper?

Uh, oh! I’m Santa’s helper??!

A platform (glad you asked) is that base of people and contacts that you have already gathered who read and support your work. This is the nucleus of the folks who will buy your book (or audio/video program or workshop) when you publish.  It just so happens we are in the website design business, know some pretty savvy social media gurus and own a network marketing company that is represented all over the world.  So “hurrah!” but I still am the one to do the sharing, asking, trusting, building etc.  Sure, the Universe/God/ Holy Spirit will kick in all kinds of serendipities, amazing opportunities and unending extra perks but, um, I still have to be conscious enough to see them, notice and appreciate and USE these.  (I can actually hear Holy Spirit giggling in a kind of sly, sneaky, loving way; “That’s right Precious One, you will get to be awake the whole time.”)

I guess this isn’t so bad.  Reality is always so much richer that the illusion. Kind of like a real piece of cherry pie always tastes better that the picture of cherry pie on the menu does.  Still, I will pause to notice and welcome my feelings of “uh oh!” and this modicum of disappointment.  I do notice, as well, that I feel more glad than sad at realizing my part continues big time into the publishing process and I don’t just “sit back and watch the royalty checks come in”.  So maybe the new reality is I find out about this platform thing and how it applies to me and my writing personally and see what happens.  This I know for sure, you (yes YOU) who are reading this are the very first, vital and early precious eyes and heart who read, support by interest, comments and emails are the real “platform”.  Thank you.Thank you very much for making me a part of your day.

(I can’t wait to see what Holy Spirit has to say about platform, the reality of publishing and how it all relates to moi.   Stay tuned……)



  1. Yes, as ever this struck a chord. This time about the Creative Writing course I bought and signed up to, online, a few years ago. I thought – I would do, wouldn’t I? – that my writing skills would impress and that I would somehow be guided up a magic slope of success. Not so. We were asked to identify our own places to publish and get on with it. I never got past the early lessons despite some splendid feedback. But you have an already established field and audience. I think you are more than half way there. Best wishes and love as ever. xxx

    • Thanks for this! I am learning that, for me at least, the publishing will be as much about learning about the Divine and my self as it will be about publishing. xoxoxo

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